Since today, Roon stopped playing my library (but streams radio and Tidal)

For whatever reason Roon has stopped playing my library. It still lists it, I can search it. New additions show up.
I can olay internet radio, and Tidal works fine.
What can have happened?

Hi @Evert_Smit ----- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation you have made with us.

To help aide in our understanding of this behavior you are experiencing, may I very kindly ask you for the following:

  • Please provide a brief but accurate description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

  • When you notice this issue does Roon generate any error messages? Having more insight into what the failure “looks” like would be very appreciated :microscope:


Found it. The Drobo attached (FireWire) to the MacMini running Roon had crashed. But Roon somehow did’t recognize that. So although the library (which resides on the MacMini’s SSD) was approachable, the files were not. But Roon didn’t mention that. Could that be a feature for a future version?
I reset the Drobo and all is there again.

Hi @Evert_Smit ---- Thank you for the follow up and sharing what the “resolve” was here, very appreciated! I am glad to hear things have since stabilized :+1:

I am curious about something though and hoping you can clarify for me :innocent: You mention in your update that Drobo that is attached via firewire to the MacMini had crashed but then continue on to say that the library is located in the MacMini’s SSD. Can you verify for me where your content is stored and furthermore, was the Drobo still accessible via the OS while in this state?


Well, as the database could still be accessed, I assume it resides on the internal HD (an SSD).
The Drobo was i the finder visible but unapproachable. Restarting the mac made it invisible. I had to reset the Drobo, restart the Mac and there it was again. Also my music files were found again.

I tried searching the Roon DB. I have backups, but the original is somehow untraceable. Where would it be? I didn’t"t assign a place for it, so it"ll be where Roon puts it by default. But it"s not findable…
That leads me to a question: if its is hidden: WHY?

@Evert_Smit ---- This article should be able to help you locate your Roon DB:

Roon Knowledge Base: “Database Location”

Furthermore, perhaps there is some confusion here. Please allow me to clarify. In your report you had mentioned that Roon “stopped playing” your library, which to me means that you are unable to use your locally stored content. My assumption was that you musical collection is being hosted on the Drobo but what was confusing is that you mentioned the “library” residing on the MacMini’s SSD. After you most recent post this is how I understand you setup:

  • Drobo is housing your locally stored music content.

  • When you mentioned “library” (i.e “So although the library (which resides on the MacMini’s SSD) was approachable”) you are referring to your Roon DB.


Ah, yes, sorry you are right and I was unclear. The content, the music files, are on the Drobo. And the DataBase will be on the iinternal SSD, the startup disk that also has the system and the program files.
Sorry for my unclarity.

Thanks for the link. But why does it reside in a hidden folder? Seems unnecessary to me.