Skipping and Static after build 880 client upgrade

All iDevices are currently at build 880 and the nucleus plus at build 882.

System ran fine with iDevices at build 868, nucleus plus at build 882.

When prompted to upgrade to build 880 on the iDevices I selected update all and I could no longer play music without skipping and static.

Restored the data base and received a successful restore message but skipping and static are still preventing playback.

Maybe reboot everything including your router.

I’ve done multiple reboots of my netgear rax70 router, nucleus+ and my auralic aries and it made no difference.

I’ve restored multiple times from different backups with no change. I’ve also successfully used these backups before.

I need Roon support on this case

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Hey @David_Furry we greatly appreciate your patience while you waited for us to respond to your post! :pray:t3:

We wanted to check in and see if you were still experiencing issues with static and skipping of tracks when attempting to play music in Roon?

If the issue is still ongoing, could you please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide?

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Sometimes static and skipping of tracks can occur when you’re using a wireless connection on the endpoints - if you’re using WiFi, could you try connecting your devices via a wired connection as a test?

Thanks so much!

My streaming path includes these components: Qobuz → Netgear RAX70 router → nucleus+ as roon server → AuraLic Aries G2.1 Roon End Point → May Kitsune DAC.

I also use a Silent Angel N16 audio grade switch. All devices are connected via Ethernet except for the remote iDevices. My iDevices include 3 iPad Air Gen 4’s and an iPhone 13 Promax. I also use a Win 11 laptop that is connected via eth for Roon remote control. My internet bandwidth is 1GB.

My analog path includes: Audio Research LS28SE Preamp, Bryston 3B Cubed Amp, Revel F226Be towers, 4 Rythmik 15" Powered subs.

I don’t use DSP in Roon. I have defined a 2 band parametric eq in the Aries 2.1 and I used to convert to PCM and upscale to 192Khz. However after the 880 client upgrade I turned off all DSP functions to see if it would help with the skipped songs, statis, etc and it made no difference.

This hdw and sfw cfg was in place and functioning for well over a year without issue. The issue started following the 880 upgrade.

Just a thought here.
Can you upgrade to build 884 on the Nucleus and see if any changes?

The nucleus+ is running build 884

I have the same problems as David. Music played from Qobuz and locally (NucleusPlus SSD) stops quite often without any apparent reason. If I use my Auralic Aries 2.1 to stream Qobuz files I have no issues whatsoever. I have rebooted all devices in my setup several times with no effect.

Streaming path: FRITZ!box Cable Modem / Router - Aqvox Switch - NucleusPlus - Aries 2.1 - USB to Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC (Kaluga Monos - Focal Sopra 3)

All DSP happens at the Aries 2.1

Like with David, the issues started with 880. The NucleusPlus currently runs 884.

It’d be easy to re-create the issue while debug is on if that would help Roon Support. The nucleus+ has been down for 21 days and I’d eat razor blades to get a legitimate troubleshooting pursuit started.

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Hi @ashley, any news regarding the issues David and I mentioned? Thanks / Frank

@David_Furry and @Frank_Roesner - have either of you completed the firmware update for this device? I see that Auralic released a firmware update on the same day that Build 880 was released.

Can you please confirm that your devices are on the latest firmware update?

Thank you!

All my devices are on build 884

I had a similar problem appear after the 880 update. I moved the wifi channel to a less busy one and the problem stopped. I do still have problems with tidal pausing on airplay devices but it’s possible the latest update has moved the bar for wifi stability making previously viable systems unviable?!?

At this point looking at problems flooding the support area of this forum I’ve lost confidence in Roon. 16 days to answer your initial question. Support must be run pretty ragged.

@Ashley here you go: Roon Nucleus+ (1.8 / Build 884) / AURALiC ARIES G2.1 (Firmware 8.0 / Core 2.0 / Main 15110046). As stated above I do not use WIFI except for the Roon Remotes (iPad, iPhone, Mac) Thanks / Frank

My installed versions are the same as Frank’s:
Roon Nucleus+ 1.8 Build 884
iDevice Remotes (iPad/iPhone) 1.8 Build 884
Win 11 Remote 1.8 Build 884
AURALiC ARIES G2.1 (Firmware 8.0 / Core 2.0 / Main 15110046)

*My streaming experiences are the same as Frank’s:
Skipping/Static is present when using an Eth connected Win 11 Roon Remote to stream Qobuz
Skipping/Static is present when using WiFi connected iDevice Roon Remotes to stream Qobuz
No Skipping/Static is present when Auralic’s Lightning DS streams Qobuz

Can we turn on ‘Debug’ to log the events leading up to the Skipping/Static?

Thx, Dave

@David_Furry and @Frank_Roesner thank you both so much for your patience and cooperation during this time!

As mentioned above, Auralic released a firmware update on the same day that we released Build 880, which is most likely the cause of the behavior you both are experiencing. As the next step, we would recommend reaching out directly to Auralic for more information and for further assistance.

Thank you again!

Sorry, but you can not be serious @ashley. If Roon thinks there is a problem regarding interoperability between a certified „Roon Ready“ device and Roon following a firmware release, you ask your customers to take care of the issue?

Please clarify. Thanks

@Frank_Roesner it was not our intention to offend; we suggest reaching out to Auralic for more assistance since this is a wider issue impacting multiple users using Auralic devices. If the issue has been brought on by their firmware update, it would be best to be in contact with them.

It has been brought to my attention that this has been confirmed by Auralic. Please see this post, where Auralic provides an update to a user experiencing issues with their device: Auralic Firmware Update

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The reference you’ve made to Auralic is for their Altair device, not their Aries 2.1.

@David_Furry it is for all Auralic devices that have firmware update 8.0. You can reference this by reviewing the Firmware Update page on Auralic’s website: Auralic Firmware Update

If you have further questions regarding the firmware update, please reach out to Auralic directly :pray:t3: