Slow Tidal in Roon not in Tidal

My Tidal discs in Roon are very very slow to load. When i use Tidal outside Roon it loads fast and no problem. One of the Reason i use Roon is the way it intergrates with Tidal please help me to solve this

Hi @David_LAw,

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Has this always occurred or is this something that started recently? If it’s recent, was there any change around the time that this started?

My Roon is running slow when it is trying to load Tidal Discs.
I have a SOnictransporter CDR ROON CORE. Connected to my Linksys EA8100 this is using Cable Fiber Broadband connection. then out via Supra CAT 8 Cable to a SOTM SMS 200Neo into a SINGXER U1 out to a Denafrips Terminator then to Kinki P7 Class A Pre to Wyred 4Sound ST1000 to SPKERS.
Tried to load Diana Krall Live in Paris via Tidal it took 6 mins 07.65 seconds and even then jumped to the second track.
Then tried loading my personally owned Pachelbel Canon and it loaded Instantly.

Hi @David_LAw,

Has this issue been going on for some time or is this a new issue in your existing setup?

What is your reported download/upload speed according to or

If you try to output to the SonicTransporter’s “System Output” zone or to another zone that’s not your SoTm, do you see the same behavior occur there?

Sir It may have been the fault of my Sonic Transport CDR I added an S Booster SOTM ECO to my CDR and it seems to have cured the problem is this common? could this be the fault ? I am not sure if it reoccurs I will get back to you

Hi @David_LAw,

It seems like the SOtM ECO is a power supply, correct? Unless the power supply that came with the SonicTransporter was defective, I don’t see how it would impact TIDAL playback.

If you experience this issue again, please let me know the exact local time + date + track it occurs on in case we need to take a look at diagnostics.


Still on a few discs for others please also update the SOTM Firmware that helped me

Hi @David_LAw,

I didn’t understand your last message, is the system stable since replacing the power supply?

The System seems better but I also updated the Firmware on my SOTM SMS 200 Neo this also seems to have helped.

Yes the are still occasional slow loadings last even say 4 or 5 in a couple of hours but I just moved on and noticed others are having the same problem leaving it t you to sort out.

The power supply was an S booster BOTW Eco 12V added to my SonicTransport CDR which is my ROON CORE


Runing Roon on Fiber broadband into

SONICTRANSPORTER I5 CDR To Linksys MAx_Stream AC2600 router Out via Pink Faun Lan ISolator To Pink Faun Lan isolator Into *SOtM SMS-200 NeoVia USB toSingxer SU-1 via i2s into Denafrips Terminator ladder DAC*to Kinki Studio’s EX-P7 line stage,Class A PRE out to Jolida FOZ SS-X into* to Wyred 4SoundST-1000 mkII amplifierinto ELAC AS-61 Adante Speakers on Elac Standssand filledStands havingIso acoustics Gaia3 and Herbies Little flat glider WITH REL T/9i Subwooferand Audiosmile Supertweeters.

For SOTM SMS200Neo power supply is Audiophonics PSU-HC Regulated Linier Power Supply 12V 5 A (Excellent)with ELECAUDio JDC Connecting cable.

ForSonic Transport CDR Power Supply is Sbooster BOTW ECO Linier 12V Supply

SUB, DAC and AMP on IsoAcoustics PUCKs

CABLES Ethernet Supra CAT8, USB Curious Cables, i2s Wyred 4 sound

Balanced Wyred 4 Sound C2 XLR Speaker cable Tone Winner (china)

power via Isolated , Dedicated House power line into Eiduka AC 8.8 (China)


Akiko Audio Tuning Stick AC mkII and Akiko Audio Fuse Box Tuning Chip .


Hi @David_LAw,

If you want, we can take a look at what’s going on during these 4/5 times every couple of hours. The information we would need would be the following:

Sir it has been a couple of weeks and I have since added a LINKSYS SE2800 Switchto try and improve the reception.
I HAVE ALSO bought a AG 1500 power Regenerator and added it into the system, to try to do everything before back to you.
I HAVE TRIED using my CXN from Cambridge also my tablet SM-T670 from Samsung and same slow loading.this afternoon my own owned discs seem to be playing but any Tidal is slow meaning a few minutes.

Problem was from my Internet provider my internet provider i have a fiber broadband but all was running slow on speed test now seems ok

Seems that TIDAL loading is the problem Please see the Photos below.

I first thought the problem was my internet speed and it was slow so I contacted my ISP this morning and below you can see my Download and upload speeds.

I thought this had cured the problem but after a while Tidal Discs would not load. I tried loading on my SOTM sms200, also on my Cambridge CXn and on my SM-T 670 all of which are shown as end points and will play my own discs. SEE SIGNAL PATH when playing on my SOTM SMS 200 all great I have even installed a new switch After this problem a Linksys SE2800 attached to my Linksys router.

The Problem seems to be either with ROON or with my Sonictransport CDR not sending the Tidal through.

CAN you please help I have tried to think of any additional info you need.

Please ask if I can help I am here but need this resolved.I have even bought an AG 1500 Power conditioner to make sure it is not the power.

Your help is appreciated I DO HAve photos
I believe the problem is in my Sonictransporter CDR but need a few days testing.

Hi @David_LAw,

We have seen users have a better experience in the past if they change their Router’s DNS servers from the ISP provided ones to Cloudflare DNS, Quad9 or Google DNS. Can you please give this a try and let me know if it helps?

After a couple of days trying different discs I can report all is OK. I had my local ISP provider out and they said my Routers firmware had not been set to auto update.

Since the guy updated the firmware I have had no slow loading discs.

Lets hope that was the problem.

Thank you for being there I appreciate your help

Stay Safe and healthy

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That’s fantastic news @David_LAw, do let us know if there are further issues!

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