Slowly getting mad of Roon (Essentials)

Roon Core Machine

Roon Essentials v. 1.7, Elac Discovery Server

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Elac Discovery analog output (1)

Number of Tracks in Library

Aprox. 50.000 tracks

Description of Issue

Regularly (for the last time today) roon crashes with this info:

with happy info that support team is ready to help, after trying to click to ‘Contact us now’ I’m getting this every single time:

Clearly trying to contact, with null as result.

The only solution I found working is to reset the server to factory settings, than it has to update own firmware, restart, than it have to start with restoring back up, restart. All with all takes a huge amount of time. In the mid time no music can be played, of course. So annoying…
I can’t find out why the core crashes, and why it happens randomly?
Any help from happy ‘support team’ that is ‘ready to help’? Would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and many greetings!

I’m afraid that Roon Essentials is not covered by Roon Labs Support - you need to get support direct from Elac.

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As you can see above, it is contacting Roon Labs Support ( for support and not Elac. Bit in opposition to what you suggest.
That is why I attached the screenshots as well.
It is site of that is not working as it should, not site of Elac.

Easy to say Elac, as easy for Elac to say Roon. I clearly have a issue with roon software not with Elac hardware. Nevermind who, please focus on way to solution… I’m certain that here are people that are knowledgeable enough to contribute to solution as well. As well as by Elac.


A) Roon Labs no longer offer support for Roon via email, but only via the #support category in the forum and

B) Roon Labs do NOT offer support for Roon Essentials - this is a software product offered and maintained by Elac, and it is Elac that you need to contact.

Edit: and the worrying thing is that Elac clearly haven’t caught the broken link on that error message screen.

No guarantees that this will work, but you could try following the steps here to correct your database error:

ad A. I’m posting here.
ad B. Perhaps it would be good idea to correct Elac not to point to Look confusing.
Of coure I contacted Elac already. No answer on that.

After your edit :slight_smile: that is exactly what I meant. Sure will read that through.

Out of three sugested reasons:

  1. Unstable power situations
  2. Failing hardware
  3. Drive where Roon is installed is out of space

and as 1 and 2 could be checked ok, nr 3 was my worry as well. Since my library is a bit large, and memory of device limited it could be an issue. However: my library is not growing, so I assume there is no need for more memory on daily base. Will try to figure out how (if possible) to monitor usage of memory, and post again.
Anyone idea why it could happen randomly in this situation?
Wish had a full version of roon, and just add more memory to the core machine.


Hey @Kokobadu,

Our moderator @Geoff_Coupe has pointed you in the right direction.

Roon Essentials and Roon are two entirely different products. Roon Essentials is bundled in some ELAC Discovery products, support for both the software and hardware is provided by ELAC.

You can contact them directly at


Hallo Jamie,

Thanks for your reply.

As mentioned above, I’m automatically send to site not to elac.
“Entirely different”… hmmm… I still have to log in to the streamer with roon account, not Elac.
I understand, that you would like Elac to take care of it, but they don’t. That’s the point. And yes, I got it already that I don’t have to count on help from Roonlabs.
Hopefully someone knowledgeable visiting this forum will give me some hint in the right direction.

Perhaps it is wise to (let) adjust roon essential software so, that it will not point to roonlabs site. Just as @Geoff_Coupe mentioned.
Also logging in with roon account is not very handy for “entirely different” products. Hope it helps.

Are you convinced that problem I’m facing will not occure with Roon?


FYI, this may or may not work, probably depending on where you are. I am in Germany and this link redirects me to the main page and not the German support page. I don’t know where @Kokobadu is and if this link works for them, so just saying.

The Support section at the bottom of the German page only links to firmware/driver updates and product brochures - no possibility to contact from there. However, the Support button at the top right of the page navigates to Support – Elac where indeed there are support options listed.

@Kokobadu is correct when he says that the “Contact us now” link on the Roon error page should not link to and then fail, as in his screenshots in the OP. No surprise when people then go to manually.

@Kokobadu I would recommend that you contact Elac directly as listed on Kontakt ELAC – Elac In case you get redirected and the link fails, here is a screenshot:

Thank you @Suedkiez, I will try to contact them as you suggest as well. Until now no sign of life from Elac.

@jamie changing titel from “Slowly getting mad of Roon (Essentials)” to anything else is not really solving someone’s state of mind :slight_smile: Getting mad even more. :frowning: To make it clear: I think Roon (Essentials as well) is a great piece of software. Otherwise I wouldn’t invest to fix it. I wouldn’t post here in first place. Can you imagine that from time to time you have to start all over from scratch to make it work again? At any random moment. It is something to get mad of. Really!


Hey @Kokobadu - changing a thread’s title to indicate the exact nature of the issue is something we often do. Slowly getting mad of Roon (Essentials) doesn’t describe your problem - it describes a state of mind.

Additionally, I moved your thread from support to Audio Gear Talk - as your issue isn’t with Roon. It’s an Elac issue. As previously stated, Roon Essentials is an ELAC product. We hope they can provide you with answers to your questions soon. Thanks

Even thou my request was about issue with the software crashing, the thread been almost totally about who should deal with it.

Now Roon Essentials published update of the software for PC’s. Link to the changelog leads to… again. Not to Elac.
Furthermore the link is broken as well. Is there something broken in cooperation between Roon and Elac? Not the customers should get the trouble. Everywhere seeing logo of RoonLabs, but nothing from RoonLabs to solve it. “Go to Elac…” guys, it doesn’t work.
Think about solution, sending all to Elac is apparently not the way. It is better to have customers pissing from inside out, than from outside in.

Pitty for the really great piece of software.

Cheers and good luck,

Did you talk to Elac, whose product it is and who accepted the obligation that they have to support it?

@Suedkiez thank you for following my struggle.
Yes, I did, both: America and Germany.
The device can produce some sort of self-diagnostic log. Was asked to send this and since than didn’t here anything anymore.
Personally I have doubts if this diagnostic log has a chance to bring something useful. My problem is that the device becomes totally dead and the only remedy after that is factory reset. Producing log after factory reset makes not much sense to me… but well they ask, I did send it. Whole process will take very long I suppose, if at all.


I see. This is really very unfortunate and I agree that the links shouldn’t go to a dead page on Roonlabs :slight_smile: I don’t know if Roon even put those links there, but even in case it is Elac’s mistake, Roon could put up a message instead of letting it return 404.

As for the logs, any competently designed logging facility would log into a file that is persistent between reboots. So there’s hope, and I am crossing my fingers that Elac will respond.

@Suedkiez Thanks :slight_smile:

If it would be just reboot in between, than there would be chance. My worries are about factory reset. I assume that factory reset is meant to wipe all. For example, if you want to pass the device to someone else. It wouldn’t be very nice to pass the device with logs on it. However that 's just presumption.
I would bet that after some/long time I will hear that there is not much to be found in the log :wink:

Cheers and thanks again,

Oh yes, I forgot about the factory reset. Who knows, good luck :slight_smile: You should also ask them to get that link fixed :slight_smile:

Old thread I know. Isn’t there a size limitation for the Roon essentials library of 30.000? If the OP’s info is correct, he runs at 50.000. Might explain the issue

Thank you @KMM for thinking with me.
Some time ago the limitation been taken off Essentials.
I had the same suspicion that my collection could be to heavy for Elac resources and limited it to +/- 10k titels, but the issue came back anyway.

Now we are over one year further and it would be no surprise: Elac either Roon didn’t response to this issue via mail / customer support. It is clear that there is no interest to keep users of Roon Essentials satisfied at all. And if it is so big deal to support Roon Essentials, why not give users of it opportunity to migrate to standard Roon on reasonable terms? While looking for solution I came across angry users of Roon Essentials almost everywhere. Support?.. forget it.
Is it worth it to let your business image be so damaged? You can’t give the blame of bed relation Elac / Roon to those who bought the product! Right?

We have two elac discovery in our house and both run with smaller libraries pretty well. One in a while the one that is used as a core is unresponsive, but pulling the power plug fixes it. The other one goes about its business as an endpoint without a single problem. Are you sure that your network is stable? I ran into issues like yours when a misconfigured repeater messed with the network.

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