Small network streamer with NO dac

I have a nucleus and want to take my iMac out of the streaming chain. I currently use USB to a Chord mScaler. I want a small network streamer that I can use spdif to connect to my Chord mScaler. Any recommendations? Just a streamer, no dac, and small footprint.

Maybe the iFi ZS?
About $400 new, a few used and open box items around for a bit less .
There is a huge thread on it under the #audio-gear-talk iFi section.

Most of the cheaper streamers that spring to mind tend to be USB output only.


Reply, anything better than the Zen

Not sure what your budget is but really if it’s just a streamer do you need to spend more?

Good point. I have a Nucleus and an MScaler connected to my iMac. Simply want to take the iMac out of the equation without relocating my nucleus near my audio stuff.

I use the Allo DigiONE with my Chord Qutest.

With this case…

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Thanks, I don’t see an ethernet port?

An RPi would do nicely. If it has to be S/PDIF, you can use a HAT, but I think USB would be a better option.

Pretty much any little mini PC will do as a streamer, using USB to connect to your DAC. For instance,

If for some reason you require S/PDIF (which I’d discourage as outmoded by the current USB protocols), you will have to find something specifically made for audio purposes, like the Zen Stream.

It’s there; built on top of a Rasberry Pi.

If it has to be spdif then I agree with Martin on the DigiOne. But why not use usb as you do now? Then your only need a RPi (with RoPieee) or an Odroid (with DietPi).

I use a Sonore ultra Rendu uSB → Sonore Ultra Digital for SPDIF out to my M-Scaler → DAVE with good results. I have also used the SOtM SMS 200ultra in place of the ultraRendu with excellent results.

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Allo lists the DigiOne Player as out-of-stock, but the hat for an RPi is still available. Assuming you can find an RPi somewhere.

Sonore Rendu - either micro, ultra or optical depending upon budget and network

Allo Digione SPDIF Player Coax works great for me.

Primare Prisma NP5 network player, Spdif and Roon Ready.
Connected via spdif to Chord Qutest dac working great here without issues.

Emerson digital from Wattson audio