Somafm not working

I find many SomaFm stations on live radio but none works

why is that?

Hello @m_giraldi , I’ve just tried a few and they worked - albeit after some delay.

Are you still having problems? Are other stations OK?

All of SomaFM stations play after a very long delay, it has been that way for over two months. Is that a server problem?

No, it’s Roon.

Each station has two .pls URLs, one for mp3, one for aac. Each of these contains 4 alternative streams. Roon tries them all before choosing one.

If it’s particularly annoying and you generally only listen to one Soma station, I could unlist all but one mp3 and one aac stream for that station for you; that would speed things up at the cost of not having alternatives if that stream is not working one day. Would that help?

Thank you I am testing roon in the trial period. The live radio lists many stations which do not work. Which I find very annoying. I currently use bluesound and with its Tunein all Soma stations work perfectly. I hope Roon can fix this problem quickly

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This shouldn’t be happening. If you let us know which ones we will endeavour to fix them.

On top of all the Soma already discussed
all the 1.FM station do not work

wncv 88.7, Jus Blues radio, kgou, miled music, The Wave 91.7

this is just from this morning… Do I a get a discount for this service I am providing to Roon?

Hmm, a mixture there. I can play 1.FM, Jus Blues, and The Wave 91.7 without problems.

I don’t know why you’re having problems. What is your core on?

You’re correct with KGOU and Miles Music, they don’t work. I’ll try and fix them this morning.

I’ve fixed KGOU.

Miled music website not working. (Not a Roon issue)

Qnap 473a
1.Fm gives me error message “unanble to play address may have changed…”
Ju Blues and The wave 91.7 I get the error message “playback was interrupted because a track failed to load”

I wonder if you have a codecs problem. Can you play

95bfm (flac)
CJSW (aac)
WRFG (mp3)

If you can only play the flac station, then it is your codecs. There are known issues with QNAPs and a number of threads in the forum. See this one for instance.

Here’s another possibility

I can play 85bfm and wrfg but not cjsw, so it might be a aac problem

I do have the latest software qts 5.01, multimedia is installed

Roon core is 2.0 build 1154

But 1.Fm still gives me error indicated in my previous message and its is mp3

Strange. I would go ahead and update your ffmpeg file anyway, and see if that fixes things.

Pinging @crieke as he may have ideas.

I have done the ffmpeg and it has cured aac problem

The 1.FM error remains "unable to play address may have changed etc "

Well done with the ffmpeg.

I don’t understand the 1.FM issue though. I don’t think it’s geo-restricted, but where are you based?

In Switzerland
1Fm works via bluesound on the same location

Can you try 1.FM: Otto's Classical Music Radio please. I’ve found an aac stream for this one.

Edit. Ahh, no it isn’t. Even though it has an aac descriptor, it is really an mp3 - albeit a lower rate. So may be worth trying.

I tried both streams and same error

And is it just 1.FM? Other mp3 stations work fine?

The others work so far