Some Albums are now missing Art [Roon Investigating]

Roon Core Machine

Windows Server 2022
4 Core, 8GB Ram hosted in Parallels on my Macbook Pro.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Parallels VM is Bridged.

Connected Audio Devices

Macbook Pro 2019
macOS Monterey 12.1

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I’ve upgraded to Roon 1.8 from whatever version I ran back in Mar 2021. Machine has been off since Mar 2021.
Now I have albums that are missing art. These albums have used Roon supplied art not my own.

Why does Roon think there are 2 images, one is a 1280x1280 image from “Prefer Roon” when there isn’t one anymore? At the very least, Roon should now revert back to my supplied art.


There seems to be some issues with cover art loading which Roon are looking into. For a temporary solution you can alter settings to “prefer file” on artwork. You can either do this for affected albums or across your whole library through import preferences.

The reason that Roon is still “preferring” a blank screen over your file art is that this setting is stored in your database. Images also used to be stored in your database but 880 update changed this. Essentially your database is saying that there’s an image to download but, for some reason, the image isn’t actually downloading. All very confusing!

Hmmm I have this as well for some albums.annoying.

I’ve had a few issues. Not so much missing artwork but wrong artwork. Albums showing artwork from other albums in my library, but only on my Windows PC. I did a fresh install of the app on my PC and all is working well now… for the time being!!!

Thanks. I knew how I could work around it.

After a quick search didn’t see an existing support request so I made one.


Seeing similar for me on a few albums that previously showed good artwork originating from Roon, but not anymore. Roon finds artwork from its own database in higher resolution than local version and with setting of ‘prefer best’ it is ‘correctly’ picked over local artwork. But the Roon-supplied version renders as black/empty/nothing or is simply not loaded correctly - see example below.

The artwork options and setting in the album editor are:

It looks like the new ‘dynamic’ retrieval of artwork fails.

Seeking to remedy this from the album page via 3-dot menu - Edit - (Your files) Rescan or Re-identify does not fix this.

But on re-identifying the album via 3-dot menu - Edit -Identify album, it has no problem showing and retrieving the artwork correctly:

And on (re-)accepting and (re-)saving the currently used metadata, rather than backing out, it refreshes correctly:


@support any update on this?

Hey @DrTone,

We’re really sorry you’re experiencing this. The latest update on this issue is from our CTO and can be found here:

If you believe your issue is totally different than this one, please, let us know :nerd:

My issue isn’t with artist images slow to appear. It’s with missing album art.

I agree, this does not sound the same as the issue I was writing about in the other thread. We will look into it.

I had the same with ~1% of my albums. ReIdentify fixes the problem.

Thanks a whole lot for following up, @DrTone and sorry for my error :sweat:

It looks like this is something our dev team is investigating. Please, stay tuned :pray:

Hi all, we looked into this a little bit further, and understand the issue.

Re-identifying the affected albums is a good workaround, and will cause no harm long-term.

The system should be doing that automatically in cases like this, but it isn’t, for some reason. We are going to figure that out.


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