Some .m4a files aren't importing

I just noticed that I have several files I downloaded from the Apple iTunes store, and were skipped in importing by Roon. They all have .m4a extensions.

Most of the files I have imported from iTunes have been imported by Roon just fine. I didn’t change anything when I requested these files (which seem to have happened at a variety of dates, not all bunched together).

Is there anything I can do with the .m4a files to make them playable through Roon?

Is there anything I should be doing when I import from iTunes store to make sure I don’t get .m4a or other unsupported format?


Bob C

(If not DRMed) .m4a files should work fine, both AAC and ALAC. I’ve got a few AAC .m4a files from the iTunes store and had no problem importing those into Roon. Some older iTunes purchases could contain DRM; and audio books still do, I think. Maybe your skipped files contain DRM?

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