Some music cuts using ROON with ROON RAAT protocol and DEVIALET


I use ROON to play music and from time to time the sound drops out.
These cuts are of the order of a few seconds (3 to 4 seconds) and the piece of music resumes. From time to time, the piece of music does not resume, and ROON automatically skips to the next piece … it’s random.

DESCIPTION of the system
. All the music is on my PC (most of tracks are :

  • 24bits/96KHz, 24bits/192KHz, 16bits/44kHz
    (but the problem exists also with MP3 tracks)
    . Laptop ASUS R510C
    Intel(R) Core™ i7-3537U CPU @ 2.00GHz 2.50 GHz
    RAM = 6Go (with 5.89Go usable)
    Windows 10 family

My HI-FI Amplifier is a Devialet D220 EXPERT PRO with ROON READY embedded Between Amplifier and PC is :
WI-FI between the PC and the Internet box by ORANGE (Internet French access provider). The distance between the PC and the Internet box is approximately 8 meters.
The Amplifier is connected directly with a high-end Ethernet cable (AUDIOQUEST Cinnamon model) and the lenght is 8 meters.

On the laptop, the capacity of my music library is 72 Go on my hard drive.
There are 72 folders and 1036 tracks.

Thank you very much for your help
kind regards

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If I understand right, your laptop is the Core and it is connected via WiFi. Roon highly recommends that the PC running the Core be connected via Ethernet to your internet. Try using an ethernet cable to the laptop as a test and see if the problem goes away.

Downgrade the maximum link speed of the Ethernet connection between the pc and Devialet from 1 gigabit and it’s likely the problem will go away. There is a bug with gigabit and Devialet.

You may have two problems:

The bug mentioned by @Kevin_Hughes. Try to use “Devialet AIR” and see if the problem still occurs. This bug occurs for Roon RAAT protocol only.

Your Wi-Fi connection. Try to switch to cable.

Solved several Devialet updates ago.


That did not fix the gigabit bug, the release note was optimistic.

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Maybe use a standards-compliant ethernet cable? Anything Audioquest could possibly do to an ethernet cable to make it “high-end” is likely to make it not work well as an ethernet cable.

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When will the gigabit bug be fixed finally?
@Rugby maybe you can elaborate on this.

Hi Markus,

Sadly, as a fellow user like yourself, I don’t have any real insight into the what the bug list looks like.

Ya I know, but maybe we should bring this to a broader attention again as this annoying bug has already been there for such a long time.

You understood right.
I tried with an Ethernet cable between the Internet box and the laptop
same problem

reduce the speed between the PC and the Devialet !
why not but how ?
PC side or devialet side ?
I have to admit that I don’t know how to do it

Devialet AIR
but why
RAAT is supposed to be optimized to have the best possible sound

I will verify, but I think that firmawre version and DOS is :

I have not checked but I think that the AUDIOQUEST cable complies with the actual standards

I must also say that before using ROON I was on J River Media Center
I abandoned JRiver because one day it bugged
I changed recently my Internet box too, but I can not say if the problem existed before the change or that the problem appeared after the change

@PHILIPPE_PLAZENET Even without going into the whole “directionality” Audioquest claims for this cable (it’s Ethernet, signal must flow well in both directions), AQ claims it to be a Category 7 cable. As far as I remember, Cat7 uses a different connector. It would not even plug into Devialet, unless it includes a super-rare connector that accepts both RJ-45 and one of the Cat7 connector types. Buit Devialet has the same connector as any other piece of consumer network products. So it’s not a proper Cat 6a cable (or at least they do not claim that it is) nor is it a real Cat 7. And Cat 7 standard went nowhere anyway, Cat6a would be all you need.

At least it’s aesthetically pleasing enough, if that’s what you want to spend money on.

Seriously speaking though, swapping a cable should be the first thing to do when troubleshooting.

This is not true. Both protocols are bit-perfect, so they must provide the same sound quality. This is in theory. In practice, Roon RAAT protocol has a bad implementation (on Devialet side, I suppose), including the communication bug mentioned here in previous posts.

Try 100 Mbps Full duplex, this works around the bug.

It is not a real work around. It just reduces the effects of the bug to a level where the user no longer perceives the effects of the problem (in most cases).