Some music cuts using ROON with ROON RAAT protocol and DEVIALET

thank you to confirm me :
. AIR is a communication protocol developed by Devialet.
. AIRPLAY is a protocol developed by Apple for itunes
do I have to use an AirPort Express terminal ?

I don’t think so, because as I said on the pilote AIR screen it is indicated ;
“DEVIALET AIR - streaming is disabled” and yet, there is the volume indication that works (see the screen below)

I have to admit I’m a bit lost

Any one of these should work. Airplay is the only one that’s not bit perfect, so choose one of the other two.

If I were you, then I would try to detect / isolate the problem by following these steps:

  • In the Devialet configuration I would activate a single input: Ethernet network.
  • I would disconnect the cables from all inputs in Devialet, except for the network cable.
  • I would uninstall any Devialet driver from all Roon Core and Roon Remotes.
  • I would restart all systems (router, Roon Core, Roon Remotes, Devialet).
  • At this moment, in Roon you should see only 3 Devialet audio devices (all on the network, none directly connected to Roon Core / Remote): Devialet AIR, Roon RAAT and Devialet AirPlay.
  • I would disable all DSP in Roon.
  • I would only activate the Devialet AIR device and see if the problem occurs.
  • I would only activate the Roon RAAT device and see if the problem occurs.
    If the problem does not occur with Devialet AIR, but occurs with Roon RAAT, then it means that the Gigabit bug from Devialet manifests itself in your system and you should forget about using Roon RAAT.
    If the problem also occurs with Devialet AIR, then I would investigate the local network and the Roon Core computer. This protocol should work without problems.

Thank you for all these recommandations
I will try to do these steps

ok thank you