Some of the songs play in parts, with interrupted audio, then the playback starts normally around the second 5-10

I have the same problem while I am trying to play songs. They are randomly being played.
At the beginning, some of the songs play in parts, with interrupted audio, then the playback starts normally around the second 5-10.

I tried logging off Tidal, rebooting Roon server, adding Tidal and it’s the same.

Hi @andeug

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Does the same issue occur if you go to Settings > Services and lower TIDAL’s streaming quality to the lowest setting?

Hi Dylan,

Thank you for contacting me, I will start with beginning:

  1. Issues seen:

1.1 When I try to play some songs from Tidal, I either need to press the play button twice, or sometimes the song is being skipped directly and it goes to the next playable item.
1.2 The song plays with some interruption. It plays 1-2 seconds, then stops, then plays again until the end without any issue.

  1. As configuration I have:

ROCK running 1.8 build 790. The ROCK server is connected to the network with LAN/WiFi, it runs on an Intel NUC10i5.

Roon remote running 1.8 build 790, installed on iMac with the latest OS. The iMac is connected to the network with LAN/WiFi.

I am not seeing the problem while playing my music on iMac, but when I play it on ChromeCast on my Primare SC15 network streamer, which is connected to the same switch, wired, as the iMac and ROCK server.

Please let me know if the information I have shared is enough, or if you want me to provide you more info regarding something in particular.


Now here is the Primare SC15 configuration below:

It seems that the Internet radio stations are not starting neither, when I try the playback on Primare SC15 Prisma, which is a ChromeCast device, so it’s clearly a ChromeCast issue. I don’t have issues when I try to play music in my iMac 27" device, as shown in the first captured screenshot.

Has been identified this issue by other users and it was pointing to ChromeCast?

Hi @andeug

Just to confirm, ROCK is connected to the network wirelessly? Is there any improvement if you connect via Ethernet? We always recommend this when possible for your Core machine.

Hi Dylan,

ROCK is connected via Ethernet to the same switch as the Ethernet which Primare SC15 Prisma is using. I have no WiFi between ROCK and Primare SC15 Prisma. :slight_smile:

My guess that it’s something related to ChromeCast, or I have some technical problem with the Primare SC15. If Roon Labs has not seen this problem before, I can drop a question to Primare… maybe I should reboot my SC15.

Any ideas/suggestions are welcome!


Hey @andeug,

While I know that hearing back directly from Dylan would have been best, I wanted to join in and thank you for working with him so far and for your patience while he gets a chance to reply.

Now that he’s back, you should hear from him on this thread.

Please, sit tight :pray:

Hi Rebeka,

I did manage to get rid of the problem by changing the Standby settings for my Primare SC15 from NORMAL to ECO. ECO shuts down the network card of the streamer and it requires about 1 minute for the SC15 to boot.

I am in contact with Primare and I have reported the issue, but unfortunately I have lost the troubleshooting logs because of the reboot of the streamer.

I will monitor the problem and report if I see anything similar with other devices.

Thank you for looking into this matter!


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