Sonic Transporter i5 keeps disconnecting

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Sonic Transporter i5

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Fully hardwired Ethernet

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Streams to optical Rendu

Description Of Issue

I’m currently re-adding all my music folders so basically starting over. The i5 has worked okay. Maybe a bit slow when I open the iPhone app to see my “recents” or “discover”. Sometimes might take 3-5 secs to populate. Not a dealbreaker until this last update. It took like 3 hours for Roon to get stable after the update. Kept losing the connection. Then I added some new music last night and it just kept trying to reconnect and was completely non functional. So Andy suggested re-adding my drives. I tried adding my 4 main volumes with several music folder sub-directories and Roon’s been not connecting for the last 24 hours. So I just started over by adding the actual folder directories one volume at a time. I’m currently adding 11 different folder directories from inside Volume One. It’s currently adding tracks out of 177685, 10745 have been added and identified and it keeps going up so that’s good. I will then move on to the folders inside Volume Two. Will keep you posted. I’m curious about getting more RAM though. I’ve never had any dropouts or anything with the i5 so it’s been stable once connected.

Basically, it’s all messed up. Stuck analyzing, won’t stay connected, can’t add folders cause it won’t connect. Started after recent update from last week.

I should repeat the problem is with file analyzation. Anytime I add something new, it freezes up and can’t connect. It’s trying to analyze over 200K files right now with the throttled setting on analyzing files and the on-demand too. It’s making Roon unusable. None of this happened before the last update. And I had to start over which was an even bigger mistake. I have backups but don’t know what good that would do either.
As a lifetime subscription member, please help.

Any possible help on this? Can I send logs or something?

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Hi @Spence_Marquart,

Can you provide some more details on this? What is the model/manufacturer of your networking gear?
What kind of Roon Remotes are you trying to use with Roon, does the issue occur on all of the remotes?

How large is the full library? What is the number of tracks overall you expect once the import fully completes?

Around 278K tracks.

You can email me at [Email removed] if you need me to do anything. Roon hasn’t been stable for me since Friday.


Still nothing; What’s happened to my Roon program?? Constantly analyzing and won’t connect and I know the ST can handle it. This all started with the last update.

Update please?

Please give an update. Haven’t been able to use Roon since Friday. Thanks.

@noris Any feedback on this? What do you need from me?

What is the make and model of your network equipment?

Sonic Transporter i5. I have AT&T fiber internet. The ST is Ethernet connected. I use an optical Rendu for audio output.

It’s stuck at analyzing 0 of 245K files. This is an analyzing issue and started with the recent update. It simply won’t respond as it keeps disconnecting.

After three days. And then it disconnects.

I’m ready to work on this if someone will help.

@noris please provide update.

Hi Spence -

Why is analysis throttled?

See this KB article.

Wouldn’t you want to be using as many cores as possible?

I was told by Andrew Gillis at Small green computer to use those settings.I just changed them both to fast in between losing connection. I doubt it will work.

Hmm, hard to argue with that, unless you misunderstood.

Try using more cores and see what happens. It can’t be any worse.

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I swear it was all fine till last weeks update for the Sonic Transporter i5. Changed to fast and we’ll see.