Sonic Transporter i5 keeps disconnecting

After three days. And then it disconnects.

I’m ready to work on this if someone will help.

@noris please provide update.

Hi Spence -

Why is analysis throttled?

See this KB article.

Wouldn’t you want to be using as many cores as possible?

I was told by Andrew Gillis at Small green computer to use those settings.I just changed them both to fast in between losing connection. I doubt it will work.

Hmm, hard to argue with that, unless you misunderstood.

Try using more cores and see what happens. It can’t be any worse.

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I swear it was all fine till last weeks update for the Sonic Transporter i5. Changed to fast and we’ll see.

I set my I5 for all cores.

Well I set it to all cores. Didn’t fix it. It’s worse and just a white screen trying to connect. It’s so screwed up and crickets from support.

Have you tried looking in the logs to see which file roon is stuck on analysing? Whenever this has happened to me clearing out the file from the watched folder has got analysis working again.

It’s been so random, that I haven’t.

I have been going through a similar exercise last couple of weeks with a library larger than yours. Roon analysis has become stuck 3 times so far with corrupt files. Once cleared out, roon starts analysing again.

Hi @Spence_Marquart,

Can you please access your SonicTransporter Database Location/RoonServer/Logs folder and send me a set via Dropbox / Google Drive ? You can access the SonicTransporter database by following Andrew’s instructions from here:

If you have any issues sending the logs, just let me know, thanks!

@noris Please send email address on where to send these.


@noris Try this link please and let me know once received.

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@danny please advise. Thanks.

@noris is on it… he’s talking to the qa/support team.

Thanks Danny!

Hello @Spence_Marquart,

Thank you for your patience here while our QA team has had a chance to review your case.

In the logs retrieved from your SonicTransporter, it appears that there are 4 files that keep getting analyzed over and over again, and this may be causing RoonServer to not start properly.

Can you please do the following:

  1. Move (but do not delete) the following files, so that Roon does not scan the directory they are in?
DSD Files/Leon Russell/2014 - Leon Russell/03 I Put A Spell On You.dsf
DSD Files/Leon Russell/2014 - Leon Russell/12 Roll Away The Stone.dsf
DSD Files/Steely Dan/Steely Dan - Aja (1977-2010) SACD/2010 - Aja/02 Aja.dsf
DSD Files/Steely Dan/Steely Dan - Aja (1977-2010) SACD/2010 - Aja/04 Peg.dsf
  1. Navigate to Roon Settings -> Library and set both Background Audio Analysis Speed and _On-Demand Audio Analysis Speed to OFF

  2. Reboot your SonicTransporter Core

Please let us know if the above helps with the issues, thank you.

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