Sonic Transporter with Cambridge Audio CNX v2

Sonic transporter and Cambtidge Audio CNX v2?

What are you asking?

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Thnx again for ur kind assistance
Just wondering if there is an affordable device that can serve as the core, can link up with the external hard drive that contains the FLAC files, and that i can control with the IPad still ising the CNX v2 as the streamer
I have a separate DAC for my 2 channel hifi (music fidelity V90) that has another optical input available if this core has no DAC of its own
Sorry to bother u on a Sunday
Trying to use the CNX, but i can return it if needed

The CNX isn’t Roon compatible. Unless you can bridge to UPnP then your only option is USB, and unfortunately CA’s USB is Windows and Mac only. It can work into Linux but it isn’t guaranteed or supported.

See this thread, it tells all

Basically the CXN can stream from Roon with artwork only by AirPlay where you are limited to 44/16

To get better you can use any number of devices but they all go to the digital inputs of the CXN , either USB or D1, which loses artwork.

The thread discusses the shortfalls of Linux and USB class 2, you can only run USB up to 24/96 , other D1 sources to 24/192

You effectively using the CXN as a Dac

Mine is the original version but I don’t think that has changed

One bit I am uncertain about is the Chromecast support on the V2, Roon maysee that as an end point , perhaps you try and let us knowc

I know a lot of customers that us an ultraRendu with CA. You can use an ultraRendu that to play DSD to your CNX USB port. Also you will get much higher resolution then Chromecast or Airplay.