SonoreUPnP Bridge (beta)


Has anyone tried the Sonore UPnP Bridge with the KEF LS50 wireless? And if so does it work OK?

(Andrew Gillis) #183

I have not tested it but it will defiantly work.

(Jingxi Tang) #184

Seems like a great idea!. Just one question, how’s the sound quality of UPnP? Will SonoreUPnP bridge affect the data during the transfer(RAAT to UPnP)?

I am not familiar with UPnP, is it Bit Perfect? My DAC natively supports UPnP, but I never used it because the app is far behind Roon. I am using Rendu through USB to my DAC but transmission through USB is not bit perfect. I much prefer the data to be transferred through LAN as it is usually verified on both ends.

(Michael Schilder) #185

I use the bridge with my Linn DS the output is bit perfect. Sound is perfect ;).

(Andrew Gillis) #186

UPnP is bit perfect. The SonoreUPnP bridge will get the bits from Roon to your DAC without any loss.

(Jingxi Tang) #187

Thanks, agillis! However, I tried the mode yesterday, with my active KEF LS50 wireless(DAC intergrated), there are some issues:

  1. When I first switched to UPnP bridge, the DAC/speaker burst into max volume). I forbid volume control in Roon and then adjusted on the DAC solved the problem.

  2. The playback control on speaker is not correctly mapped. I can’t only pause play, not resume/forward/backward. Is this normal? I never used UPnP/DLNA before, are the control protocol standard?

(simon_pepper) #188

Hi Paul (or any Naim streamer user),
When using the UPnP Bridge what mode is your Naim device is? Do you have to select a source in the Naim app first or does the UPnP Bridge control the Naim player?

I am looking to established a Roon Core on a NUC, moving Roon from my laptop, then use the UPnP Bridge in place of a UPnP Server (Asset) to serve WAV to my NDS. I can then use the Roon Remote app on iOS & Windows to control what’s being played. Thereby dropping UPnP playback via the Naim app. As I prefer what is being done in Roon to the limited development by Naim on their App for exisiting standalone streamers.

Thanks, Simon.


The bridge will automatically sort out the naim device in terms of input. You can still control volume on the naim, but there is no need to do anything to get it working.

(Paul Barrow) #190

Morning Simon,

It’s really easy. When you play a track/album in Roon with the Bridge active, it comes up on the screen of the Naim streamer and plays.

However, as far as I’m aware, the SONORE UPnP Bridge only runs on their own software (a version of Linux) which is loaded on the MicroRendu, Sonicorbitor and Small Green Computers SonicTransporter.

With a Naim streamer I’d suggest a SonicTransporter for your Roon core. I used mine with files held on a NAS and it worked flawlessly.

Since my original post I’ve moved completely away from Naim partly because Roon doesn’t appear to be coming to the Classic Naim streams anytime soon. The above works well but Naim are missing a trick as Roon is fantastic and getting real traction in the market.

I now have my Roon Core on an iMac feeding a Chord Hugo TT (via SONORE MicroRendu) and ATC SCM 40A active speakers. It felt strange moving away from my 272 and 250DR but I regret it not a jot!!

I hope that helps


(simon_pepper) #191

Ok, thank you. So if you were using another input to the Naim streamer such as a Digital in or iRadio, the Bridge overrides and takes control of the input selection of the Naim streamer?

I don’t use the Naim volume control or any form of bit manulapulation for volume, as my Amp has a good volume knob in it’s Pre-amp plus remote control (Simaudio I5).


(simon_pepper) #192


I already have the NUC and was planning on putting ROCK (RoonOS + Core) on this, and then replacing the RaspberryPi I used to run Asset with this (The SonoreUPnP Bridge).

This keeps any processing away from the the HiFi frontend, as the NUC can sit with the NAS in their cabinet in the study.


(John B) #193

Hi Paul,

Wondering why you decided to move from Naim seeing as you could use Roon with the Sonore bridge?

Not missing the toe-tapping phenomenon that we’re brainwashed with on the Naim forum?


(Paul Barrow) #194

Hi John,

Yes I made my escape from the Naim Brethren, although I’m not far from the High Preists down is Salisbury so incognito for a while yet. However I still find the Naim forum has a weird draw so i’m not yet completely free.

The lack of Roon on Naim streamers and their silence on the situation is what caused me to look elsewhere, and consequently opened my eyes to alternatives. The net result is I’ve ended up with a much simpler system which has taken me significantly forward in SQ and ultimately enjoyment.

One massive benefit of being Naim free is the removal of Naim induced upgraditus which leads to more and more black boxes, expensive cables and ridiculously expensive supports.



(John B) #195

Yes I’m looking lustfully at Kii 3s an wondering…


(Paul Barrow) #196

Oh they do look interesting!!!

Life is too short for wondering sjb


That’s correct

(simon_pepper) #198

That’s cool - so effectively the use of the UPnP Bridge & Core, turns the playback into a ‘Push’ scenario, with the Naim streamer being placed in receive mode, and the selected files streamed to it, rather than the current arrangement, where the tracks are requested from the UPnP Server, which has indexed the catalog, so then retrieves from the NAS, and then serves the file to the steamer.

What’s the buffering support in the Bridge - does it get the entire track from the Core server, then dish it out to the streamer, as required, or is it just staying ahead of the streamer?

It would be nice if there was native RAAT support with the Classic Streamers, so no need for a Bridge product, and just the Roon Core, controlling the end-points.
Hey, this could solve the multi-room problem Naim currently have across the latest Uniti range and the Classic streamer and MuSo boxes. Just make them all RAAT end-points!


(Andrew Gillis) #199

Many audio equipment manufactures don’t want to run Roon because it takes control away from the apps they have spent so much time and money developing. Also, like Apple, they want to keep you completely within their “echo system”

We had to build the UPnP bridge to play to some popular devices such as NAM and LINN that have so far refused to integrate Roon.

Hopefully these vendors will get Roon Ready in the future. But for new we have a simple solution.

(Mark Johnson) #200

And it’s a great solution @agillis Love my Sonicorbiter SE and works beautifully now with my Naim after all the software improvements!

(Mack Blankenship) #201

Does the bridge set next the mR near say an NDX or can it reside away from the NDX on the network?