SonoreUPnP Bridge (beta)

(Jesus Rodriguez) #202

The SonoreUPnP Bridge can sit anyplace on the network.

(Jeffrey Robbins) #203

Jesus, I’ve got your uPnP software running through a SonicTransporter. Pretty much daily, I need to reboot the ST device because the network attached DAC (Bel Canto, via an Ethernet connected REFStreamer) disappears from Roon. Yet, both the sonicTransporter and the renderer are still visible when pinging through Fing. Both are direct plugged into my router. A reboot almost always brings the DAC back on line with Roon. Any suggestions on how to end this behavior? Thanks. JCR

(Jesus Rodriguez) #204

You can look in Apps / SonoreUPnP Bridge and see what the connection status is. You can also look in Settings / SonoreUPnP Bridge and reconnect things as needed.


Have you tried connecting your devices to a switch and just have that connected back to the router? In my experience routers don’t make very good hubs/switches.


(Jeffrey Robbins) #206

I have tried both direct to router and through my unmanaged switch, to no avail. See attached images. The sonicTransporter is clearly seeing the Bel Canto renderer yet the Bel Canto DAC no longer appears in my Roon list above Den, where it used to be. Do realize that it was working in the past and a reboot would bring it back on line. No longer. Thoughts? JCR

(Jesus Rodriguez) #207

Does it show up in the drop down list in Settings / SonoreUPnP Bridge when this happens?

(Jeffrey Robbins) #208

It does, Jesus. Now, I just tried one more thing: rebooting the switch into which the bridge and the core are connected. And the Bel Canto DAC came back up. No clue why that would work, but it did! We will see if it sticks now. Thanks. JCR

(Mack Blankenship) #209

So I would need a core for Roon (Mac mini, appropriately powered NAS or the like), Roon license and the Sonore Bridge on the network and I’m good to go to run Roon via the NDX?


(Jesus Rodriguez) #210

That is correct.

(Mack Blankenship) #211

One more question for an newbie. If one does the Roon lifetime license can it be moved around from say a Mac Mini to a Sonic Transporter/mR/DAC?

Many thanks,


(Jesus Rodriguez) #212

You have to ask Roon about that.

(Mr Fix It ) #213

You can move the lic from any roon core to any other machine to use a core as often as you like. :smiley: but of course you can only run one at a time. You can even move the dayapptabase from machine to machine so that changes and saves can be managed to new machines if you want to try from pc to Mac or NUC or nas even

Just to add to that it is the same for the annual lic too, not just the lifetime


See this for more information.

(Mack Blankenship) #215

Jesus, assume the bridge passed no ill effects to the NDX so sonic performance is the same as if using the normally?


(Jesus Rodriguez) #216

Yes. Refer to the comments above.

(Nick Allen) #217

1.) I have the SonicOrbiter i5, so do I need the bridge?

2.) Linn streamer users, does the Linn room correction function fine in this configuration?


SPACE (Linn room correction) from LINN works very well, also in combination with Roon

(Nick Allen) #219

Ah, but I just read that SPACE does not work let’s say, this chain:

SonicOrbiter i5 w/HD -> Router -> Linn DS via Toslink/Spdif -> DAC -> Amp -> Speakers.

So, I guess that makes my first question void, as well, about using the SonicOrbiter as a bridge.


may be, cannot answer this one

BUT just for interest: for what purpose do you use the LINN DS? why don’t you use the DAC inside the LINN DS? In that case SPACE will be used for sure …

(Nick Allen) #221

Like the Sneaky DS for instance to stream music to my DAC and use room correction while doing it. I wouldn’t want to use any other DAC than my Chord DAVE or Lampizator Golden Gate. Makes sense?