SonoreUPnP Bridge (beta)

(Jesus Rodriguez) #222

A clean solution would be to use the USB input on those devices feed from the microRendu without the Sneaky DS in the loop.

(Nick Allen) #223

Yeah, but Jesus, then you wouldn’t get the room correction without the Sneaky DS.

I mean, as of right now, I’ve found zero solutions to getting quality room correction without chopping up the bits after the DAC, or using some crap software like Accurate, while still keeping 24/192 audio.

(Jesus Rodriguez) #224

I don’t know anything about room correction on a Sneaky DS:)

(John B) #225

Could Someone using this with Naim please post a screenshot of how it shows up in Roon as I am trying to advise a friend on how to interface this with his current set up. He has a Naim NDS.



(simon_pepper) #226

Is the Sonore UPnP Bridge device still available, I can’t seem to find the link any more?


(Jesus Rodriguez) #227

The Sonicorbiter SE support the SonoreUPnP Bridge

(simon_pepper) #228

Sorry, what happened to the $169 unit, that just ran the bridge product. I don’t need the USB output, just to bridge ROON to my Naim Network player.
Thanks, Simon.

(Jesus Rodriguez) #229

It’s not available.

(simon_pepper) #230

Is it coming back to the range?
Is there a plan to have an application-like device just to run the UPnP Bridge for those who just need/want this functionality?
If not, can we buy a licence to the UPnP Bridge software for installation on a hardware platform, such as RaspberryPi or NUC?

(Patatorz) #231

Hello, where i could find this “SonoreUPnP Bridge (beta)” ? I have a microRendu (v2.3) and not able to see it in the available apps.

Thanks for your help

(Patatorz) #232

Ok it seems my v2.3 was not up to date : now i can see the app and install it

(simon_pepper) #233

So, is there to a dedicated hardware appliance at the $169 mark or can we licence the UPnP Bridge software and run it on. RaspberryPi platform?

(David O'Higgins) #234

Simon, I asked this question of Andrew at SmallGreenComputer and the answer is that the cheapest way in now is via Sonicorbiter SE, at $298. On top of that you will pay freight, VAT and a handling charge to DHL, €14.50.
I seem to have bought the last of the $165 devices. In the scheme of things, it is still worth it, I think. I now have it singing nicely with the NDS. I presume you already have a device running Roon Core ?

(simon_pepper) #235


I currently run Roon Core on an laptop, purely for the Library Management, Metadata enrichment etc. The playback of my library being handled by Asset R5.1 running on a headless RadpberryPi. I have stripped down Rasbian to its core bones, just to run Asset & serve the files, transcoding PCM formats to WAV, with full Album Artwork, and full metadata tagging within my library etc.
I was patiently waiting for ROCK to be made available, to run on a NUC, I extracted from work - an older i3, 8GB RAM, wth 120GB SSD device, but runs Linux and derivatives well, so perfect for ROCK.

My plan was to get ROCK up and running, as the Roon Core server, move my Laptop to become a Windows-based remote, & have 3 iOS Devices as Remotes.

I was then going to try the Bridge product @ $169 + shipping, to see if it could work with my NDS over UPnP and whether this was stable enough to ditch the Naim App.

But now there is no $169 product only the full $259 one, I will need to reconsider my plans. Which, I think, is a shame/ missed opportunity, as many existing Naim product owners with collections on a NAS would be interested in a Roon based solution, playing directly into their exiting Naim equipment, as you have done.

Thanks, Simon.

(David O'Higgins) #236

Forgive me Simon, but I don’t understand why you are making all this so complicated. You already have the NDS, which is the jewel in the crown. Why not just add whatever Sonore product will connect the NDS with your music via Roon?
After that, you just need time…

(simon_pepper) #237

Because I want a server-side solution on a NUC running ROCK, which is equivalent to your MacMini running Roon Core,

It is just then the UPnP Bridge I need & not the SonicOrbiter product with USB output.

I see a good market potential for Roon with existing UPnP based players in the Naim & Linn customer bases, so why discontinue the Bridge product?


Me thinks they want to sell the Sonic Orbiter for $300.
That UPnP Product was only about $ 160.
Most probably they will offer another explication…

(simon_pepper) #239

Ok, utilizing the ‘Memorial Day’ free-shipping offer last weekend and taking a SonicOrbiter without PSU (as I have a 5v LPS for my RaspberryPi UPnP server), the cost was $250 delivered, so not that different to the $169 device + shipping.

Anyway, have the Sonore UPnP Bridge up and running - playing as a Zone of my Roon environment.
So the Roon Core is on a NUC running ROCK, then bridged to push Streaming content at my Naim NDS, with Roon Remotes on iOS devices.
Playback is native WAV from all PCM and DSD sources stored on my NAS.

Makes for a different playback experience to the UPnP server using the Naim app - but have also the best of both worlds - enriched metadata library management plus the ability to hit ‘Play’ and a simpler ‘find the Album/track’ and hit Play.

Will feedback more once I have experienced both in detail.

(Mark Allen) #240

Looking forward to hearing about your experiences especially in regards to Sound Quality. My long term goal is a Naim NDS (pocketbook says NAC-272) but I won’t give up Roon so the SonoreUpnP bridge is the way to go. I’m now currently running a microRendu and its fantastic.

(simon_pepper) #241

So, after an extended listening session last night, unfortunately in my system configuration, there is a drop in SQ when playback is over Roon over the existing UPnP server.

The Roon playback robs the music of some of its presence & engagement. The soundstage is still there, but it is the ‘in-the-room’ presentation with the ability to place the instruments, another words the magic just isn’t there.

Now, my streaming configuration is:

  1. NUC running ROCK for the Roon Core is with the NAS units in the study, on the same Gigabit switch, which is performing the library management, and initiating the ‘push’ of the music to the ‘front-end’ in the living room, aka Server-side.
  2. SonicorbiterSE connected to a Linear 5v PSU, located close to the NDS bridging the stream to the Naim NDS with 555DR, on a separate 5-port CISCO switch. The Sonicorbiter has been stripped down to just run the UPnP Bridge app. The Roon Endpoint is configured not to use FLAC compression, DSP effects, or Volume control, so it is just sending WAV to the NDS. Aka ‘front-end’.
    The connection between study and living room is over Powerline units. Direct wired connection is not possible - the apartment is in a 18th Century former Convent - thick walls, high ceilings etc. modernised but with no ability for additional CAT wiring between rooms.
  3. For UPnP mode, I use a RaspberryPi 2 optimised just to run as a headless dedicated server for Asset UPnP server (currently R5.1 version) using a Linear 5v PSU (same used for the Sonore unit), which transcodes all PCM formats to WAV, and passes DSD64 as native DSD.
    Playback was made using the same Linear PSU and Ethernet cable - the units were swapped over.

Plus I couldn’t get the Sonicorbiter to output native DSD when playing a SACD rip in DSD64, it would only play converted to PCM and there is a gap on gapless playback.

Now it could be the fact that the UPnP playback route, takes compressed FLAC over the powerline connection, but then unpacks the stream into uncompressed WAV at the final stage, local to the NDS. Whereas the Roon Core is pushing the WAV over the powerline connection, using the Roon RAAT protocol before being bridged to the NDS as a UPnP stream.

However the powerline connection is not generating any frame transmission errors, and maintains a throughput of over 100Mbit/s, which is sufficient for streamed audio without any buffering upto 24/192.

Also not sure whether the microRendu or the, now discontinued, dedicated UPnP Bridge product would do a better job.

On a positive note, I got Squeezelite installed on an old RaspberryPi, that I was previously using MPD, and can now use this as ‘RoonSpeakers’, however the original RaspberryPi model cannot be used a full Roon Endpoint.

Any suggestions anyone? Or is this a bust on replacing UPnP serving for my Naim NDS?