SonoreUPnP Bridge (beta)

(Jesus Rodriguez) #242

You results are contrary what others have posted:) However, they are your observations and I take them on face value. Anyway, I don’t see any other process improving on what the application is doing which is to pass the data and translate commands.

(simon_pepper) #243

I have just been playing the two side by side - both are on the same 5V Linear Power Supply, feeding into the same switch, which is local to the NDS - and the difference is quite noticeable.

So the only difference is that the UPnP Server (an DIY optimized headless RPi 2 running Asset R5) is ‘local’ pulling tracks from my NAS in the study in FLAC over the Powerline network, then transcoding to WAV, before serving to the NDS.
The Sonicorbiter is also ‘local’ but the NUC running ROCK is with the NAS unit in the study, and therefore is pushing the uncompressed WAV to the UPnP Bridge over the Powerline network, before being presented to the NDS as a UPnP feed.

Is it that the Sonore UPnP Bridge implements the Squeezelite protocol and not the full Roon RAAT?
Is this the same when it is running on the microRendu product?

I can’t try the Roon Ready element of the Sonicorbiter as there is no USB input to the Naim NDS, only SPDIF inputs.


(Jesus Rodriguez) #244

We are justing sending your DAC a stream for it to render. I’m not going to pitch a microRendu to you when the Sonicorbiter is very capable of doing the same job.

(simon_pepper) #245

Also tried the Optical SPDIF from the Sonicorbiter into the Naim NDS, using it in a DAC-only mode.
And it is the same - like is 90% of the music - plus the optical input of the NDS is limited to 24/96, so not able to playback 24/192 and DSD64 playback converted to PCM24/88.2, and not capable of native DSD playback - which limits this capability.
So, will be sticking to using a UPnP Server for now. The improved UX/UI of Roon is nice, but not enough to overcome the lower SQ of playback through this configuration.

(Jesus Rodriguez) #246

Your DAC is receiving a bit perfect signal in a lossless format galvanically isolated over the network. Your DAC is then rendering the content. There is nothing more we can do really. I tried it here last night with some friends with my Signature Rendu which outputs i2s to my custom i2s DAC and it sounds identical to straight DLNA.

(simon_pepper) #247

Now, since the Roon 234 build on ROCK and 233 builds on iOS Remotes, I am unable to play 24/192 and 24/176.4 files (ie. DSD64 to PCM playback) over the UPnP Bridge - what is going on?
Set for WAV playback with no FLAC Compression.

I can play 24/192 and converted DSD64 to a RaspberyPi (original) running Squeezelite on the same Powerlite network (no Max Sample Rate set with no FLAC compression)
I can 24/192 and converted DSD64 via SPDIF optical out on the SonicOrbiter (limited to a max PCM rate of 96KHz)

Tried adjusting the ‘Max Sample Rate’ to 96kHz on the Squeezelite setting for the UPnP Bridge, but no change - track cuts out between not playing at all or a couple of seconds in.

Also tried LPCM as the output setting and this breaks up with noise.

Any suggestions - anyone having problems since the 234 build/update of Roon Core? I know there was some protocol changes as part of this release.

Thanks, Simon.

(simon_pepper) #248

Hi, Is there any feedback on why 24/192 and converted DSD64 to PCM @ 24/176.4 can no-longer be played over the UPnP Bridge after moving the Core to Roon Build 234?

The tracks just cut out, seconds into the playback and Playback Queue emptied, so there is no further attempt to play anything else from the album.

Is there any log files that can be viewed?

Thanks, Simon.

(Jesus Rodriguez) #249

I just tried 24/192 and DSD64 via DoP and I didn’t have any issues. I’m using Roon on my Mac build 234. I’m running the SonoreUPnP Bridge on the Sonicorbiter 2.5.

(simon_pepper) #250

Ok, must be this Powerline network inferencing with the operation.

However, the Sonicorbiter I received the last couple of weeks is running 2.3 and not 2.5

How do I get it the 2.5 version? It is a download update?

(Jesus Rodriguez) #251

The 2.5 update is not available on the Sonicorbiter SE. Besides the SonoreUPnP Bridge code is identical on 2.3 and 2.5.

(Lionel Eleveld) #252

Just received my Sonicorbiter SE and am playing via UpnpBridge to my Unitiqute V1. PERFECT, I’m very happy so far!


So for my Kef LS50W…it seems like I can get a Sonictransporter I5 and get Roon core off my Mac plus play to the Kefs via UPNP with great sound quality. Why would I need a Microrendu then?

(Jesus Rodriguez) #254

Sounds like you are all set…enjoy.

SONORE computer audio - ultraRendu | microRendu | Sonicorbiter SE

(simon_pepper) #255

Have you tried streaming 24/192 files?

(Jesus Rodriguez) #287

Simon…I’m sending you an email later to day. I will be coping Andrew on it. We are working on something interesting and you could be the first to try it. I can’t say right now what it is so I need to you hang in there while we sort out the details.

SONORE computer audio - ultraRendu | microRendu | Sonicorbiter SE

(simon_pepper) #288

Great, as I quickly applied the update this morning (very quick) and SonicorbiterSE unit updated fine, and the RoonReady outputs as before to the optical output (which I have to limit to 24/96) but the UPnP Bridge won’t start.
As such it was not being picked up by Roon, and presenting itself as an Audio source.

Didn’t have time to perform any further actions - as had to get to the office for meetings first thing.

But will be back home later, and you have my attention.

Meanwhile, I have taken a USB to S/PDIF convertor from Andrew, to connect the SOSE to an electrical Digitial input of the NDS, which unlike the optical is not limited to 24/96 input.
However, this input has the ability to introduce jitter, as there is clocking or re-clocking involved going from an asynchronous USB output to a clocked S/PDIF.

Thanks, Simon.

(Mark Johnson) #289

@Jesus_Rodriguez @simon_pepper Same issue here for UPnP Bridge

(Jesus Rodriguez) #290

We have confirmed this issue and are working on a resolution. I will update you again when the issue is resolved.

(Jesus Rodriguez) #291

The bridge not working issue has been resolved. Please update your units from Apps / Software Manager.

(simon_pepper) #292

Away at present, returning Tuesday evening & will test then, but good to hear.