SonoreUPnP Bridge (beta)

(Mark Johnson) #293

Thanks Jesus, will update when I get home later and confirm that it’s working

(Mark Johnson) #294

All working again…thanks


Just checked and working fine with Naim UQ2 from sTi5 over ethernet/switch

(Matthieu) #296

Before considering to get a SonicorbiterSE/SonoreUPnP Bridge to use with my NAIM / RoonServer, somebody tested a DSD64(DoP) too with the latest update ? Is it a SOLID solution ? A real tooth pain waiting to NAIM to implement something that is trivial in there equipment.


(Daniel) #297

The Bridge is beta, without software support and updates!
I have a lot of trouble with my naim ndx.

Have a look:

They are not interested to care the software and find a solution for my problem.

(Jesus Rodriguez) #298

Naim has a lot of different products and some are working great and some have strange issues with our software. For example: One naim customer has a hard limit of 24/96. Another customer (Daniel) has to restart his Naim unit then restart the App to establish a connection, but at least all the rates appear to be supported. We would like to support every DLNA device equally, but you have to understand that we can’t satisfy every customer with this solution. Most other DLNA devices listed above appear to be working fine.


Just got the Sonora UPnP Bridge working in Roon with a Moon Mind 180 HD renderer, but I had to change the stream in the app from WAV to LPCM, which was different to how this was listed earlier in this forum. Thought any Moon Mind users might be interested.

(Andrea Garibbo) #300

Good morning to everybody. I would like to integrate Roon on my upcoming Akurate Exakt Linn system and I have to buy the necessary Sonore hardware. Is it possible to use just the Sonictransporter as Roon core and UPNP bridge (without the need of a separate Sonicorbiter/Microrendu ?)
A one box solution would be perfect for me because when Linn will support natively Roon I will use the Sonictransporter as Roon core and not waste money and the Sonicorbiter/microrendu that will be of no use.



I use STi5 as Roon Core and run the Sonore UPNP bridge on it successfully to a Naim UQ2, i.e. no microRendu

(Andrew Gillis) #302

Yes, all the sonicTranporter models run the Roon Bridge. This can make any UPnP device (such as Linn) into a Roon endpoint.

You don’t need a microRendu or ultraRednu. These are for USB connected DACs.


Just received the monthly email update from Michael Fremer Analog Planet in which he RAVED about the new RIVA WAND products which he claims “smokes” the Sonos Play speakers. These seem to be extremely interesting products and the company has gone out of the way to make them VERY open source. They currently have built in ChromeCast support, AirPlay functionality (with Airplay2 to come) as well as many others. They are also DLNA compatible to stream from your Mac or PC.

Will the Sonore UPnP bridge work to enable ROON on these new devices? I would think/hope so. I have been using my Linn Klimax DS with relatively few problems. I don’t quite expect to see these new RIVA devices listed in the compatible hardware section yet since they are relatively new. I just ordered the RIVA FESTIVAL and am keeping my fingers crossed that ROON will work.

In case it does not is there a Mac capable DLNA music server which people recommend? For UPnP I use MinimServer to run my Linn Klimax DS.

(Jesus Rodriguez) #304

No clue. Someone would have to try it.

(Michael van der Wal) #305

I’ve been through this whole thread and this seems like a very promising solution, but what I haven’t read anywhere is whether or not the metadata (Ttile, Artist, etc & cover art) is being sent to the upnp renderer. In my case a Cambridge Audio 851N with no support for RAAT (and Cambridge is not planning this until Roon has a wider acceptance).

I know my player reads *.jpg files from the upnp server and gives priority to Folder.jpg over all else.

For me this is very important, I didn’t buy this unit to just look at the pretty screen, but it is a plus.

If someone could tell me this works, I’d be prepared to spend some money to get this working with Roon.


(Richard Robbins) #306

@Jesus_Rodriguez is the UPNP Bridge beta program still running? I am setting up a Roon arrangement and, among other things, would like to include my Naim ND5 XS in the mix. I understand I need to buy a Sonore device suited to the bridge but don’t otherwise need any new gear. How should I proceed?

(Jesus Rodriguez) #307

I though I had replied to this question. I’m not sure if it will pass the information to your device.

(Jesus Rodriguez) #308

Yes, and we had a recent update per a request from a customer / Roon. Naim should work, but you will have to try it to be absolutely sure. A microRendu would give you this feature and USB output as well.

(Richard Robbins) #309

The microRendu just sits on the network right and need not be connected to the Naim. right?

(Jesus Rodriguez) #310

that is correct

(Michael van der Wal) #311

That’s a pity Jesus. Call me strange, but I’m really not prepared to spend 300 dollars just to experiment…thanks for the answer though.

(simon_pepper) #312

Hi @Jesus_Rodriguez Could you provide details on how to obtain this update mentioned here and on the CA forum on the 9th Feb.

Plus do you need some testing undertaken on a Build, what dependencies do you need?