SonoreUPnP Bridge (beta)

If you have a micro/ultra with 2.5 just update the unit from the GUI.

Pressing the update button now you will get the absolute latest version of the Sonore UPnP Bridge code! It will still say 2.5.

@Jesus_Rodriguez, I’m just updated my sonicTransporter from v2.5 to…v2.5. Works great. But it’s really v2.6 without a version number change, yes? And I can’t quite figure out from reading through this thread: what was changed from v2.5 to v2.5 (née v2.6)? Thanks. JCR

This update is only for micro/ultraRendu with 2.5 for now.

Whoops, so I did the update — running it a second time confirmed that there was nothing further to do — but I assume there is no PROBLEM having done so, even if there there was no NEED to have done so? JCR

I have Micorendu 1.4 with Roon Ready running well. However, I tried to follow the instructions to use as Sonore UPNP Bridge it never appears in Roon as selectable. Any hints on getting it to show up in Roon ? Do i need to remove Roon Ready ?

I have followed these steps for sore upnp bridge on microrendu while RoonReady is installed

Disable any Logitech Media Servers on your network
From Sonicorbiter go to Apps / Software Manager update your unit and install the application
From Sonicorbiter go to Settings / SonoreUPnP Bridge, configure the application, and press Save
From Roon go to Settings / Setup and Enable Squeezebox Support

This last step not working for me, it never appears.
From Roon go to Settings / Audio Setup and Enable the SonoreUPnP Bridge under Networked

any ideas gratefully received

To see where it may be falling down, do you have something like this in the rendu settings


Do you have any Squeezboxes showing up in Roon?


(I don’t know if the bridge will work if there are other Squeezboxes “available” so perhaps turn off or disconnect all Squeezeboxes).


So if this make dnla devices show as Squeezeboxes how does it differ from the free upnp Squeezebox plugin by Philippe44 that can be run independently and for free on your roon core.

SJB - Thanks, something in your note there struck a chord, I uninstalled everything else on the Rendu and now the bridge appears in Roon and my settings are as yours below, except my Naim NDX in place of your Qute.

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You shouldn’t need to do that.

That plugin allows LMS to stream to DLNA/UPnP devices. This application allows Roon to stream to DLNA/UPnP devices.

Jesus - Thanks appreciate the response. It’s up and running now with with Roon Ready and Sonore UPNP and don’t really need any other applications at this point so will leave alone.

Quick question though if I may ? I just had the 1.4 upgrade done, I wonder though if its beneficial if using Sonore UPNP rather than the USB physical connection on the Rendu ?


That depends on your device and if the USB input is good or bad.

Ah Ok, the Rendu 1.4 connects to the $99 “AUDIOPHILE USB TO SPDIF CONVERTER” from small green computers then from SPDIF to Naim NDX.

Hi Andrew,
is there any difference between the standalone UPnP Bridge and the Sonicorbiter SE wrt to either sound quality or reliability of stream as I am deciding which one to purchase to add to my Naim NDX. I don’t intend to ever use the optical connection, just UPnP so that hardware issue doesn’t make a difference for me.

@largestgasman No all Small Green Computer products (Rendu, sonicTransporter, etc) have the UPnP bridge and they are all the same from that standpoint.

If you don’t have any products from us get a sonicTransporter. That can be your Roon Server as well as the bridge. Using a dedicated Roon Server is a big improvement over a PC or mac.

Is there any chance there could be a dedicated line art icon for use of the UPnP Bridge as a Roon zone?

Hi @simon_pepper,
I think it’s unlikely as the Roon line art is reserved for Roon Ready / Roon Tested device’s.

Has anyone asked whether the UPnP Bridge could be certified as a Roon Endpoint?

No this is not possible.

No we are using squeezebox not Roon Ready so it’s not possible to certify.