SonoreUPnP Bridge (beta)

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Hi @Jesus_Rodriguez

I got around to getting my hands on a microRendu. The bridge works just fine. 24/192 is no problem, DoP is no problem. The only thing not working is the metadata and coverart. Do you think there is a way of getting this to work? As I understand (info from @brian) the metadata is sent to to the squeezebox), would this just maybe be capturing it and sending it to the Cambridge somehow? Even without the coverart I’d be happy, but I’d be happier with :slight_smile:

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It seems I jumped to conclusions a bit early. As reported earlier 24/192 isn’t a problem and neither is DoP. But tracks stop playing about 15 seconds before the end. Pity…as I understand development on this isn’t a big priority.

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Where did Brian post that information?

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That is more likely associated with a network connectivity issue.

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Right here @Jesus_Rodriguez:

Roon Upsampling WTH?
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It’s a large task to add that kind of support and we would not be able to undertake it now.

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SonoreUPnP Bridge is the way to go for adding Roon to existing Naim Network players.
Behaves a full Roon Endpoint but outputs into the UPnP input on your Naim network player, with input switching when playback in Roon is initiated.
Works like a treat on all formats, PCM & native DSD.
FLAC formats can be played as WAV & dsf files as native DSD.
No format conversion to S/PDIF & the opportunity to introduce jitter into the playback stream.

I now have the UltraRendu with UpTone UltraCap LPS as a pair (so looks greater) into my NDS.
Plus MQA support in the Roon Core, as well.

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Hey Simon, I was just looking at the back panel of the NDS. How does your ultraRendu connect to it? With a USB-to-SPDIF converter?

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No additional connections required!

The SonoreUPnP Bridge directs the stream from Roon to the existing UPnP input on the Naim network player.

That’s it, no further cables or format changes to S/PDIF or asynchronous USB inputs.

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I knew the sonicTransporter could work like this. But I wasn’t aware the Rendu’s could as well, with no USB cable required.

If not using a USB cable, then the cheaper microRendu is probably a great option too.

Do you find the linear PSU makes a difference, even though your Rendu is network isolated from your NDS?

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Even cheaper yet… I didn’t know this existed.

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The UltraRendu certainly sounds better than the SonicOrbiterSE unit I was using before for the UPnP Bridge.
Given they are elements in the playback path, I want to use the cleanest environment, in terms of noise.
So network switch is on a LPS too.
David O’Higgins here on this forum, has (or had) the dedicated server for the UPnP Bridge, but uses a Melco server to store his files, which has a dedicated network connection to the NDS, which is another way of doing it.
I have my library on a bank of NAS units in another room with the NUC running ROCK, but the UltraRendu is with the NDS on a sub-network for the frontend.

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I am confused as to why do you need the ultrarendu and upnp bridge for the NDS and not just the upnp bridge and use the NDS?

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Great stuff. A great solution for those wanting Roon to play with UPnP endpoints.

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Are they really? I don’t know how the UPnP Bridge works but UPnP, like Squeeze and others, establish the stream between the server and renderer. Perhaps the UPnP Bridge transcodes the stream from Roon and acts as the UPnP server to the Naim renderer…

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See the highlighted below:

(simon arnold) #390

So this performs the same function as the LMS plugin by Phillipe 44 but with a more user friendly ui. Does this only work with one renderer or multiples ?

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I run the SonoreUPnP Bridge on the UltraRendu, in the ‘front-end’ section of my network configuration, an Intel NUC running ROCK is my Roon Server, in the ‘backend’ with the NAS arrays. So any transcoding is performed within the same sub-network as the NDS.
Hence I want the quietest processing environment, as not to be injecting lots of noise into the ethernet feeding the NDS. Also the Naim Network Players were designed to take UPnP as their primary source, and although the S/PDIF input is good (buffers and reclocks for minimal jitter etc.) I would prefer to keep the input packet based.

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I’m still confused as to why you have an ultrarendu in the mix what is it doing? I get the upnp bridge allows you to use the NDS in Roon but I am lost as to why you need the ultrarendu .