SonoreUPnP Bridge (beta)

Not sure how much of this plugin has been used, but it does the job, providing a Roon Endpoint into my Naim NDS, without considering a ND555 @ big upgrade $ ticket, and new product problems. The ND555 is still the same DAC architecture, based on PCM1704U-K resistor ladder DAC chip and SHARC based processing. There is a better Streamer board, that offers AirPlay2 (don’t want), Chromecast (don’t want), Roon Ready (get that with the SonoreUPnP Bridge), better Tidal integration (get that with Roon, and also get MQA) and a colour screen (don’t need) - ok there is probably a better implementation of everything, and improved power regulators (coming from the DR developments, but I have 555PS DR, feeding the NDS.

But no I think it can only address one Render - not tried two, as don’t have two.

Where do you run the SonoreUPnP Bridge? On a SonicTransporter, if I recall, I don’t have one of those. An Intel NUC5i3 came from work as unrequired, with 8GM and 240GB SSD, perfect to run ROCK. I already have the NAS setup, from running Asset UPnP server on a RPi, where I used NFS mount from the RPi.
I have separated those two functions out - the NUC runs the Roon Core, and the UltraRendu provides the Endpoint support and Bridges.
Plus then if I want USB output in the future, I have it for a possible change of DAC - the next technology round or two.

Simon, can you use the UPNPBridge at the same time as using the UltraRendu as a Roon endpoint?
Or is it more of a one-trick-pony? (At a time)

No, I think I can have two streams - one over UPnP, and another over the Roon Ready output via USB, but why would I? They are going to the same device - plus that would mean that the processor in the UltraRendu is doing multiple things, more processing draws more current, which increases the noise.

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This is why I am confused as looking at Sonore site the bridge is a hardware box but you run it on the Ultrarendu seems a bit more expensive than the hardware box on its own. So this is why I question the need for the ultrarendu or did they not have this before?
So y

They did not - I use to run the SonoreUPnP Bridge on a SonicOrbiterSE unit, but had problems with the higher resolution formats, until I pushed that unit to the 2.5 OS release of SonicOrbiterOS, where it worked fine.
So the logic then, was to move to a microRendu or UltraRendu which is supported at the 2.5/2.6 level & then I wanted the Ultrarendu for the quieter//better clock design and nicer casework - technically so other reason. But it does sound good, definitely a drop in the noise floor.


You can have Bridge and RAAT running at the same time to two different endpoints.

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Sonicorbiter Bridge on my microRendu keeps cutting out on me though with my UQ. Shows it’s still playing in Roon but no sound coming through. Honestly, when Bridge works it’s great, and great sounding, but it’s been nothing but a pain in the ass of reboots and restarts, skipping tracks, etc. Resorting now to Roon Bridge on my office Mac Pro with toslink into the UQ. Works without a hitch.

Odd, since OS 2.5/2.6 and version 1.0.14 of the. Ridge not had an issue with playback, on both a SonicOrbiterSE and now the UltraRendu - solid as a rock - played all last evening without a hiccup.

What device are you running the SonoreUPnP Bridge on and what version of SonicOrbiter?

I use it with an ultraRendu -> Uniqute and whilst it’s not rock solid I have few issues apart from MQA seeming to drive it bonkers (plays first few seconds of each track - then needs restart (bridge app not full uR) to stop it doing this with everything.

I also find I have to occasionally change the volume with the remote to have it fully synchronised with Roon.

These are my settings


microRendu 1.4 to Naim Unitiqute with the latest firmware. Got it working again, but like Sloop John said it hiccups often, and I have similar problems to him with MQA. Shuffle can sometimes go bonkers. I have same settings as him.

The only difference I have here, is I don’t set the max PCM rate, and let the Audio settings in Roon, determine what is sent to the Bridge.
And mine is rock solid, track after track, irrespective of local MQA or streamed MQA with Tidal Masters, local PCM/DSD64 files.

I have the original Uniqute that has a max 24/96 and as I have some 192 stuff floating around on my NAS I wanted (needed) it downsampled. I’m presuming this is where I have to alert Roon to this through these settings? Is this correct @Jesus_Rodriguez?


In the Device setup ‘Advanced settings’

The settings on the Rendu for the SonoreUPnP Bridge are used to set limits. If you need to resample then you need to use Roon DSP settings.

If bought one, it worked well - now as LINN devices and Ronn work directly I don’t need it any more … anybody interested in this s/h device?

I am interested what are you asking?

Hi Simon.

Sorry for resurrecting a thread, but I am hoping you can help. I have a Naim 272, plus a Vortexbox Mite (running SonicOrbiterOS) as a Sonore UPnP Bridge.

When I go to SonoreUPnP Bridge settings I can’t locate my 272 - there are no items to select in the Available Renderers list.

Both the 272, Vortexbox and Roon Core (mac mini) are connected to my router directly with a wired cable.

What is unusual is that the the Bridge doesn’t see anything at all - I have lots of other devices such as TVs or consoles that can be DLNA renderers too.

In case anyone finds this later. I resolved the issue by reinstalling the Bridge app on the SonicOrbiter OS (Audiostore Mite).