SONOS and ROON not working

I’m only having this problem with ROON, not SONOS. ROON appears to be the isolated problem. SONOS ive had for years and works fine. When I use roon it states transport roon lost control of audio device. I’m only streaming to sonos using tidal. I don’t have any files on a hard drive, network drive, etc. the computer is a HP PAVILION. New model. Computer is connected wirelessly only. Most of the sonos zones are also wireless. I can see the individual sonos zones and have them enabled. Roon also is able to group the zones and as someone else wrote I see a roon.wav file attempting to play on sonos through the app, but don’t hear any sound. Operating system is windows 10, roon is 1.3

Can you try playing Tidal to the Sonos player that is CABLED to your network…and report the results back here??

ok, I can do that now

That didn’t resolve the issue. Same results. One thing I did also do that seems to work perfect is play it on Airplay. I have an Airplay device connected to the wired SONOS zone. And its playing fine. I can link and unlink the zones with the SONOS app. I have a total of 8 SONOS zones. How does this affect music quality? I’d really rather just use SONOS natively through ROON. But this worked immediately and I’m playing music without issues. @Ronnie

Hey @william_belcher – are you still having issues here?

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