Sonos devices disappearing after updating

+1 on this issue.
Started after latest 1.8 update yesterday.
Have 3 Sonos devices: 2 x Play 1 and 1 x Play 5.
All connected via WiFi.

The 2 x Play 1 keep disappearing from both Roon zone picker and Audio setup tab.

Only way to bring them back is to reboot my ROCK.

They are then available until randomly disappearing again.

This has happened 4 times since updating 1.8 less than 24 hours ago.

Have done restart and reboot. Both options brought the Sonos back but the play 1 both still went AWOL a while later.

I have the play 1’s visible at the moment. Have left one of them playing continuously. Will see what happens to the other play 1 over next few days.

My Sonos is still on S1. Never bothered upgrading to S2 as I had a couple of old connect units that were S1 only. Have since sold all of them.

So if the Sonos end points go AWOL again I’ll try the S2 upgrade. I believe my play 1 and 5 units are OK for S2, will check.

I confirm the same ref airplay.
My play 5 is via airplay and that does not go AWOL.
The play 1 are both via Sonos streaming and they do go AWOL.

I think we can safely assume that there is a glitch on sonos streaming integration on the latest 1.8 roll out.

Although not ideal, restarting ROCK to bring it back isn’t the end of the world. However, I cant fully trust other household members to not do a reset or format by mistake.

For sure it is not convenient to have to restart your core / ROCK in order to make the Sonos come back

My 2 x play 1 just went AWOL again.
One was playing at the time.

One note to add here.

When the Sonos disappear / go AWOL all my remote app always then starts on the “Select an Audio Zone” option.

This is the case even if the last active zone in the remote was a non Sonos end point.

As per image, was listening to this Ry Cooder album in my HiFi room via a Matrix Element M.

At same time a Play 1 was active in the wife’s study.

Went for lunch and the play 1 went AWOL. On opening Roon remote on a tablet this is the screen I am greeted with, even though before lunch this screen had the element m as the chosen zone.

I also have that same Synology mesh unit and, like you, no sonos is wired in via ethernet.
All sonos are on WiFi on the synology mesh unit using 2.4 GHz when they go AWOL in Roon.
When AWOL in Roon they are still connected to the WiFi and useable through Sonos app.

This is now very bad.
Restart of ROCK shows Sonos devices for less than 5 mins before they just dissappear from Roon again.

Hi @ogdens_sliced, can you please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service)? Thanks!


Will do that :+1:

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Google drive link sent last night via a PM

Thanks, @ogdens_sliced — Our team is investigating this and we’ll be in touch when we have more info.


Hi Support, is there any news of a fix for this issue? Since the upgrade Roon no longer shows my Sonos Connect as a device. Nucleus+ continues to recognize and connect to my other devices, but the Sonos Connect has gone.

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After restarting everything, unplugging everything, trying everything with no luck, eventually I gave up trying to fix this issue. Some three music-less weeks later, I did another shut down and restart of all equipment and Roon now saw my Sonos Connect again. It’s fixed and running perfectly!

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Great news Neil, let’s hope it stays working

I just updated my Roon core to .846
Just after the update one of my left Sonos reappeared (Sonos streaming - Airplay was always ok) so even I don’t really care now, I thought the update resolved the issue. But few minutes ago this one disappeared again

I hope this kind of things won’t happen with my Roon Ready devices …

I have never lost a RAAT device even as the Sonos device’s were falling from the (virtual) Sky.
I think they are the way to go for me in the future
I now have three of them

Hey everyone :wave:

I know it’s been a bit of time since this issue first appeared and we want to thank everyone for reporting it.

As you know, there is a ticket in with our QA and dev teams and it hasn’t been overlooked. This is still in the works.

Thanks in advance for a little more of your patience :pray:

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