Sonos devices stop playing after each track

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus purchased 2020
OS Version 1.0 (build 254) stable
Roon Server Software Version 2.0 (build 1169) production

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Fritz!Box 7490
Roon Nucleus is connected via ethernet
ModWright integrated DAC is connected to Nucleus via USB
Sonos devices are connected via ethernet and use AirPlay (Sonos streaming mode is not in use)
Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra is connected via ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

ModWright KWI 200 amp with integrated hiFace DAC, directly connected to Nucleus via USB
Apple iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro, connected to Nucleus via WiFi (remotes)
Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra & Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital, ethernet connection
Ikea Symfonisk (Sonos), ethernet connection → Problems
Sonos One SL, ethernet connection → Problems

Number of Tracks in Library

21,172 tracks

Description of Issue

Since today, when streaming Qobuz music to one of my two Sonos speakers (see above), playback stops after each track - very annoying. This issue does not appear when playing to other endpoints. Worked perfectly yesterday.

Local music is streaming without issues.

@support, any idea?

Same here :frowning_face:

In addition…all the recent albums I have added to my list from Qobuz no longer show their cover artwork!

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@Ray_Masters try clearing your image cache and see if that fixes it. Settings>Setup>Clear image cache. A restart is required, so be prepared for that before you try it.

Or first try refreshing your Qobuz connection: Browse>Qobuz>refresh icon at top left of the screen.

You can also resync your Qobuz library this way:

Hey @UliR, a couple of things come to mind, but I’d first try disconnecting the ethernet cable from one of your Sonos devices and see what that does. But first, keep reading.

By hardwiring at least one of your Sonos devices, you’ve triggered the formation of SonosNet, a private, 2.4 Ghz mesh-type network. Sometimes hardwiring more than one Sonos device can create problems. All my Sonos devices are older, and pre-date the release of AirPlay 2, so using SonosNet is my only option.

Would you mind providing a screenshot of what Settings>Audio looks like for you before you try unplugging anything. I’m curious to see how that looks. Here’s what mine looks like with all my devices using SonosNet. Yours will look different I believe since you’re also using Airplay.

Would you also mind taking a screenshot of what Sonos>About My Sonos System looks like for you? Here’s mine using the Mac app for as many of my devices as will appear on one screen. Since you only have two, that won’t be an issue for you.

You could also use your phone or iPad Sonos app if that’s easier. From my iPhone:

Also, what version of the Sonos apps are you on? The latest is 14.20, which came out sometime recently. Are you on the same version on all your devices.

P.S. There was also a device firmware update as well, so if you didn’t process those, that might be playing a role here. But first, take those screenshots as that will show what firmware your devices are currently on.


This seems to share a lot of crossover with the disappearing Sonos thread.

I just ordered a Sonos Arc and Sub (purely for AV and not Music) and I am thinking about what I might have let myself in for now :astonished::grimacing:

(considering everything is working perfectly with only the Boost plugged in)

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@kitated thank you, I am away for the weekend and will provide the requested information later here in the thread.

Very strange: the problem exists only with Qobuz tracks. All local tracks play fine.

Will be back later!

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Oh boy, you’re a glutton for potential punishment aren’t you? I’m glad you saw this as I may need your assistance in helping decipher what @UliR is about to show us ok.

I don’t know if you saw this or not, but the latest Sonos update was supposed to specifically deal with the “disappearing devices” issue. I held off on making any comments in the thread you referred too because my gut instinct said that the main problem was with Sonos, and had nothing to do with Roon, or it could certainly have been some combo of both I guess. But if Sonos can’t keep it’s own devices from disappearing from it’s own app, then you don’t stand a chance trying to control them using Roon. Or at least that’s the way my simple mind sees it.

Well, as you know, you can certainly use those for music, especially with the Atmos capabilities of the Arc. I believe Qobuz has some Atmos tracks now, but I may be wrong. Apple Music and Amazon both do I think.

Plus, I think you’ll find you’re going to really like the Sub, and will want to have it rumbling away in the background to help provide better definition for those low frequencies, or at least that’s the case for me.

When are they arriving? We both appear to be treating ourselves to some early holiday gifts.

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Well in that case, it’s probably something else entirely, but maybe not. Any thoughts anyone before I offer any more suggestions that may be off base?

Now I’m sorry I even replied in the first place :wink:. Hope you’re having fun wherever you are and with whatever you’re up to.

I always enjoy seeing your posts in the music rec threads, so I wanted you to be able to stop fussing with your setup so you could just enjoy your music and be able to keep the good recs coming.


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Well I didn’t think about the Impact, but hoping that my idea of plugging it onto the Boost might actually work, if not it’s going to be going back.

I had my 30% discount and we are doing a living room makeover so TV and Sonos can go on the wall and I will be getting an actual amp rack which means I can probably get a decent TT in the living room…
though I will broach that one later :flushed::grimacing:

How’d you get that? Oh, 15% per device. I actually remembered the discount after I’d already placed my Amazon order for a Port. Had to go back and order one from Sonos instead, which is supposed to arrive Tu as opposed to Fr for the Amazon order, which is great! Super excited. The only problem is the Amazon order was not direct from them, so still waiting to see if I processed the order cancellation soon enough to stop the shipment. Oh well, the worst that can happen I guess is I have to return the Amazon one and wait around for the vendor to issue a refund. That’s why I always prefer to buy direct from Amazon’s stock.

Hope you’re having a great Sunday.

But back to trying to help @UliR, and @Ray_Masters, do you have any idea what to do to try and fix this assuming it has nothing to do with Sonos?

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No if you had Sonos S1 equipment (I have been a customer since 2006) then you got a 30% trade up discount. I upgraded a couple and then gave the old ones away.

So that discount has gone to the AV upgrade (or downgrade compared to my Onkyo Atmos 7.2.1 setup, but it will sound great as we try and create more space)

No I have never come across this, if only from Roon and only while using Qobuz then that is very strange.

@Ray_Masters does your problem also only occur while streaming Qobuz?

I wonder if it is worth logging out of Qobuz, rebooting Roon server and logging back in as I would like to think that will also clear the cache.

Did either you or @UliR have the missing Qobuz albums issue in the last couple of days, just wondering if that might be related :thinking:

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Hey you guys, we’re back home and the problem seems to have fixed itself over the weekend. Both Sonos speakers now have no interruptions between tracks even with music played via Qobuz. No idea what was going on there…
But I have rebooted the Roon Core once anyway.

Thanks for your offers of help here!

I am not yet setting “Solution”, because I want to observe the matter for a while.

Cheers - Uli

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Sonos system is up to date:

And in Roon only AirPlay is in use for the Sonos speakers:

Fantastic news! Still out of hearts.

And this is where I need @Michael_Harris input since I don’t have any AirPlay compatible Sonos devices.

Based on WM:0 showing under About My System, SonosNet has been created and is functioning. What I don’t know is whether or not your devices should also appear under Roon Tested, in addition to showing under “andere netzwerkgerate”, or “other network devices”, like mine do.

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If using Airplay I have never found that it matters as the discovery mechanism is completely different to SonosNet.

Roon tested is for the devices that Roon has had in house (Play 1, Pay 3 etc), newer device’s show up under the Other Network Device’s section where you will see things like the Move and Roam and also IKEA devices I imagine.

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Ok, good to know. Roon uses Raat, or however you spell it, to control AirPlay doesn’t it?

So sounds like @UliR is currently all sorted. And perhaps @Ray_Masters’ setup is working normally again as well. I hope that my suggestions about how to get his missing cover art to appear took care of that issue, unless it also magically fixed itself as well. Headed back to the music rec threads, which is probably were I need to stay all the time :wink:.

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@kitated thanks anyway!


No problem. Always want to try and help a friend in need if I can. And would you look at that, more hearts!!

P.S. just tried to heart Michael’s last post, and out again. Oh well …

P.S.S. @UliR one other thing I just thought of is maybe you might want to consider un-hardwiring one of your Sonos devices. While I don’t know as much about the AirPlay side, I do feel like I know a little bit about SonosNet. So when you group your Ikea and your One SL, which I assume you sometimes do, and AirPlay to the group, you are also making use of SonosNet I believe. So having more than one hardwired device could still have some deleterious effect, or at least that’s what I’ve learned over the years. Am I right on this @Michael_Harris?


I’m not sure about that as I don’t really use Airplay (since Sonos and Roon are playing nicely for me).
I would suggest that it should work fine for Airplay and given that it is all working again, it just sounds like a glitch in the system.

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