Sonos disappearing in Roon

Thanks a lot for the information, @Jeannot_Schmitz. I’ve passed it on to our QA team so they can investigate further.

In the meantime, it’d be great if you could check whether the Sonos devices work via Airplay. To do this, please:

  • navigate to Settings → Audio in Roon
  • look for the AirPlay heading

  • click enable next to the Sonos devices
  • select the Sonos device in the zone picker
  • see if the device disappears again after playing music this way

Many thanks :pray:

Hello thank you for the information.
as i told in my first mail, I’m ongoing to test Roon and i like to move to the life time version when i’m satisfied with Roon. To save money i need to do that in the next days, means i have only one month to decide me to move to a life time version and to credit the first year payment as well.
Regarding with Sonos i cannot see my system via Airplay, ill start today investigation with Sonos support. Keep you informed


additional information, i cannot use Sonos via AirPlay have some components which are to old and not supporting this feature

Any news on this topic, this has an influence on my account, please let me know if this can be solved

With a library that size I’d be putting more RAM in the NAS, roon runs the DB from memory so that plus the RAM that the NAS OS will be using I’d be expecting roon core to be be having performance issues.

Database access working well, but thank you for the information.

will do asap.
Either will not solve my problem with Sonos, any idea?

Jeannot I don’t think they solve your problem, but maybe make things smoother when all is working properly.

I think that there is a difficult to track bug in Roon that loses Sonos.
The team were never able to reproduce this while I was working with them, and it doesn’t sound as if they are able to reproduce this since.
@beka what are the thoughts of this being related to the Meridian issue, as they have similar outcomes, though they may be quite different, but they appeared around the same time as well.

Yes sure, i will do that. But I’m wondering a little bit. A lot of users have this problem with Sonos and I cannot use Roon without play zones. Finally if Roon can help i doesn’t seen any use of Roon except that i can support my Trinnov better, but this is also feasible with other streamers. Do you seen any improvements in the future regarding this Sonos problem?

Jeannot some us us (myself included) rebuilt our Sonos environments to make Roon work reliably.
It was not always easy, but I got mine working very reliably in the end, and there was nothing wrong with my setup at all as it had worked for 3 years with Roon without issue, before 1.8 was released.

I am not sure I would expect an update from Roon quickly as they tend to move through issues slowly and methodically to find what is wrong and fix the cause of it, but they could not track this bug down.

I was already fully invested in Roon as a lifetime subscriber so for me it was a no brainer decision, but if I was testing it and making a decision to subscribe based on the experience you have had so far, I would personally walk away and try it again in six months.

Hello Michael

thank you for the open discussion.
Don’t misunderstand, i see Roon as a very good add on with a perfect integration for all music content. I’m really happy with the functions. For that I’ve invested in a one year subscription and like to move now (during the first month) to the life time offer, (why during the first month? so that i can award the first month. :slight_smile: ) But I need to use my players at least… I hope you’re right that Roon is ongoing to solve this, but is defiantly a must

It may still help.

I only use Sonos endpoints with my Roon (Sonos ARC with 2x Play1 as surrounds) and I haven’t had any issues with them disappearing yet.

If the Roon core is struggling in the background for memory it may cause timeouts on the endpoint keepalive and drop them.

If you are tech savvy you can look at what is happening in the log files, not sure about synology but on a QNAP the logs are in the following location:

\\YOUR NAS IP OR NAME\ROON\RoonOnNAS\RoonServer\Logs\RoonServer_log.txt

If you have a windows machine using powershell you can watch it real time:

Get-Content \\YOUR NAS IP OR NAME\ROON\RoonOnNAS\RoonServer\Logs\RoonServer_log.txt -Wait -tail 1

I’ve just powered off all my Sonos devices so you will be looking for something like below in your logs if Roon isn’t able to talk to them:

01/31 13:03:51 Trace: [airplay] expired device AirPlayDevice[DeviceId=48A6B80437E8@Living Room._raop._tcp.local, Name=Sonos-48A6B80437E8.local, Model=Arc, IPEndPoint=] because it isn't connected and hasn't been seen in 180s
01/31 13:06:49 Trace: [Living Room] [zoneplayer/sonos] State transition WaitForStatus => Disconnected
01/31 13:06:49 Trace: [Living Room] [zoneplayer/sonos] endstream, zp state: Disconnected

Chris I have a high powered NUC with plenty of memory and had this problem as did quite a few users in the immediate aftermath of the 1.8 upgrade. Some of us were technically skilled enough to change the ways our Sonos were connected and the problem went away.

What you are suggesting makes total sense if Jeannot keeps Roon, but I do not think they will fix the problem for him. I tried to help debug this with the support team during the beta, and Roon was completely losing the Sonos devices one by one until over a few minutes there were none connected. Even with enhanced logging turned on nothing could be found which fully explained this.

I do not think this is 100% a Roon issue, as Sonos started routing traffic through itself using the SonosNet protocol, and this does not impact all users (I think Mesh networks impact).

This is why I said some us rebuilt our Sonos devices using WiFi only and no SonosNet, also adding reserved addresses. This fixed it for some, but not all users.
There are a couple of long threads out there that can be browsed.

Chris, you have my complete log reports. Please investigate, you will see it isn’t a server problem. I have tracked all kind of information in the Synology server.
My memory, network and CPU load was during the test not higher then 50%, so i have enough space.

as i mentioned also, when i restart the Roon app, the player are back, after a certain time they disappearing. Do i need to restart the Roon server also, is that your proposal, but i have no idea what i can do more. As Michael mentioned to and us i understood, the bug is since the last update. I have a certain technical background, but I’m not the perfect network administrator

I don’t work for Roon, I’ve just been using it since 2015 so have learnt a bit about how it works (or doesn’t a lot of the time)

You’ll find a lot of users respond as roon support is very very very slow

sorry Chris, it wasn’t personally, i haven’t seen that you are not Roon support. Yes Roon support is very slow. I’ve found the problem in the test phase, but i’ve got no response from Roon, I’m not really happy with this situation, A life time version is a certain investment

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hello beka, need feedback until tomorrow or you give me more time to award the one year subscription to a life time subscription. Without a solution on my problem or any statement from Roon, i will not spend money for a life time subscription. Please

Hey @Jeannot_Schmitz,

We just got back to work today, after the weekend, and saw all of your posts at once and all the community engagement :pray: . It’s so amazing to see everyone chime in.

I have created a ticket for your case that is now with our QA team. We expect to hear back from them on this tomorrow. Please, stay tuned.

As far as your subscription goes, we’d be more than happy to help with the transition to a lifetime one, if you’d still like that once we find a resolution to the problem. Let’s stay in touch :nerd_face:

This is what worked for me also when I had this issue with Sonos falling out of Roon.


You were on my mental list of users that it worked for :wink:

Any news. My trial period to award will end