Sonos system keeps disconnecting

Roon Core Machine

Mac mini late 2012
macOS Catalina
2.6GHz Quad core Intel i7
16GB ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

BT Home Hub
2x Ubiquity UAP AC Lite AP’s

Connected Audio Devices

Sonos Play 5
Sonos Play 3
Sonos Play 1 x 3

Number of Tracks in Library

7000 tracks
Music stored on DS918+ NAS
Tidal subscription

Description of Issue

After a period (indeterminate but around an hour) Roon loses contact with all Sonos devices whilst playing music with from. Restart of core may reconnect some devices.
All the devices are present on the Sonos manager

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Just another note, I switched the core back to my iMac and that doesn’t seem to have the same issue

I have had the same issue since the day that build 911 was released. Mine is running Rock on an Intel Nuc
It lasts between 3 and 12 hours and then loses all Sonos devices and requires a restart of the Roon service to find all the devices and then we begin again

With mine, it does seem to be something that affects the Mac mini, running Catalina but not the newer iMac running Monterey. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

I am running Roon 1.8 build 913, forgot to write that earlier. It says it’s up to date but sound like an update won’t help me anyway.

If I stop and restart Roon (on the Mac mini) it doesn’t always find all the devices on the first restart - it takes several attempts. On the iMac, all devices are found straight away and stay stable.

But, I want to run Roon on the Mac mini as I’m happy leaving that on all the time. I’ve 5 days left of my trial, I love what Roon can potentially do but if it’s not stable then it’s no good.

I’ve had Roon core running on my iMac for 24 hrs, no problems. I switched the core back to the Mac Mini, and it initially recognised all the Sonos devices. Within an hour they have all disappeared.

Any ideas?

@support? Any ideas?

Same issue here since 8-9 months (?). You will see several threads with suggestions…none worked for me. My 2 Sonos disappear between 1 and 2h after a reboot of the core.

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Hi all,

We are looking into the logs and will get back to you.

Thanks for the reply. Are you able to extend my trial, please? I’d like to see if it’s possible to use Roon successfully before I buy.

Latest update, having moved the core back to my iMac, the iMac now also loses all connection with any Sonos devices after a few hours.

The last two builds have gone back to Roon discovery losing all Sonos for me constantly.
Usually between 2 and 4 hours but it can make it to 12 hours

More updates. Roon core still on iMac. Closing and then reopening Roon discovers some of the Sonos devices. A second restart immediately afterwards discovers all of them.

All devices remain available in Sonos throughout.

Without Sonos, for me at least, Roon is just an expensive music library manager.

4 days left on my trial, so I’m hoping for a solution before then.

Just as some feedback, everytime I restart Roon all the Sonos devices reappear and stay until they drop off one by one and are finally all gone.
It seems strange that all your devices do not get found everytime.

Not here. A restart results in some of the Sonos devices being discovered, a second restart finds all of them. But only for a few hours, at which time they all disappear again.

Roon is a nice idea, be great if it worked.

3 days left on my trial, no response from @support

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I now have Tidal playing through Sonos, even though there are no Sonos devices visible in Roon.

Any help with this, or is it just that Sonos doesn’t really work with Roon and I give it up as a bad job?

Good luck Martin, there have been others who have given up as well, which is a pity as they should be able to sort this out. Roon is amazing on Roon Ready devices, but Sonos and Meridian seem to be second class citizens at the momen.

Hi @Yaohan you are losing potential customers with this poor level of service.
I have a lifetime license, so live with the twice a day reboots.

done, i’m sure we can find a solution.

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Hey Michael,

Thank you for helping out here, really appreciate, some clarification here:

  1. about the service standard, sorry it took longer than it should, we are hiring more to fill in the blank but with the current circumstances, everything seems to slow down again. considering the scale of our user base, the current support team is trying their best to cope with the volume. (thus me involving here to help)
  2. about sonos being second class citizens in Roon, i think the angle is reversed, Sonos does not welcome the compatibility so that we are the second class in their world. there are definitely areas we can improve but it is far more difficult than the roon ready world that we have control.
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Yoahan many thanks for taking the time to respond.
It is good to see Roon building up their team as this is now a large community and one of the biggest complaints here on the forums is the time it takes to respond to calls for help.

For this I understand that Roon goes deep on Sonos and Sonos may not be helpful, and for most of my time it has worked great, but 1.8 broke it for a lot of users. As a past beta tester I reported this and made copious logs available, I managed to get rid of my problem by completely rebuilding my Sonos network, but it has come back again with the recent builds. I have made a serious offer to run different builds and help track down the problem, and I again make this offer to help resolve this issue.

The least i can do, thank you for the support along the way, i will definitely relay the info to the r&d team.

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