Sooloos Library access

I have had Roon for some time now - for various reasons I have not used so much.
I am still wrestling with the Library … Roon says I have about 830 albums _ mostly are TIDAL and many I did not want???. do not get where they came from.
In my Sooloos set up - C15 and Twinstore contains around 4500 albums. Why cannot I see all these albums in Roon and how do I get them into Roon.

I did flag this up on May 19th but I am still struggling
Huw Radley

Hi Huw,

Sorry your earlier post didn’t get a response. I’ll put a notification here for @mike and @vova and they will pick this one up.

I don’t know the answer to the Sooloos library issue, but I’m confident others will.

The Tidal albums were imported during setup when users are offered pre-made collections (selected by Roon staff) by genre. Initially one of the genres was selected by default so clicking through the setup options without deselecting it imported that collection into your library. That may now have changed, I haven’t done a recent fresh install to check.

This post set out the steps you can take to batch edit the Tidal albums imported as at a particular date:

After removing albums there will be a period for Roon and Tidal to synchronise. You can hide albums while they do that and clearing the Tidal cache about a week after deletion may assist:

Hi Huw,

Firstly - the Tidal “starter pack” was added when you accepted that option at start up. You can delete what you don’t need or even do a fresh install and don’t accept the Tidal option this time (suggest read the screens as you do the initial 60s setup)

Second - how have you added music to Roon. Post a screen shot of your storgae tab in settings.

Are you watching your Sooloos stores directly ?
If so, then, I don’t think you can watch a C15 shared folder. So, any albums on there will not show up. Do you know how many albums are on the Twin vs C15 ? If not, then use the Sooloos Interrogator (back over on HH) to scan each one. This will probably confirm what is/is not in Roon.

Recommended option for Sooloos users is to run a native export (e.g. on to a USB drive or NAS) and let Roon watch that.

Hope that helps

Hey @Huw – looks like you’re getting some answers here already. Here are a few FAQ topics that may help as well:

[quote=“Huw, post:1, topic:4451”]
Roon says I have about 830 albums _ mostly are TIDAL and many I did not want? do not get where they came from.
[/quote]Hi Huw, Mike answered that question back May see your original post I was just going to post some more background info to aid your understanding, but the others have beaten me to it.