Sorting Preferences in 1.8

I like to see the newest albums first when browsing. This worked fine in 1.7 based on the “Album date sort order” setting under “General>Sorting Preferences”.

The setting is the same in 1.8 (Newest First), however search results are always coming back oldest to newest.

Anyone else seeing this?

Yep, thanks for pointing out, same for me on Windows.

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None of sorts in Album view can be “reversed” (Windows 10). by album title and by artist always start with symbols/numbers and can’t be changed to start with z;

Hi Everyone,

Under Albums (or Artists) the sort selection drop down, the sort in effect will have a blue arrow next to it. As seen above. Click the arrow to reverse the sort, aka, Z to A instead of A to Z.

I know that’s the way it used to work in 1.7 and the way it should work. It doesn’t work that way in 1.8 on my Windows 10, Build 764. Clicking the arrow just brings up the sorting choices (Sort by artist, Sort by most played…etc., for albums). Nor does pressing the arrow work correctly on any of my android devices whether in landscape or portrait (also 764). So either I have a setting wrong (I don’t know what it would be) or Build 764 doesn’t work like you think it does.

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Why do I have to do this every time with every single artist/discography though? Shouldn’t the setting I’ve chosen in preferences be the default?

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I just posted about this in another thread.

Toggling the sort order does not work on all sort by menu items, and some work and some don’t on some platforms and not on others, it seems.


This was user error (caused by bad UX, IMO). See here:

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What Android devices are you using? I can reverse the arrow (and thus the sort order) on Android 10 on my Nokia 7 Plus smartphone, which is running build 764.

Well, I didn’t really give you a step by step, but, here goes (and this is how it works for me in Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and 5 different Android devices running Android 5 through 11).

  1. Click on the Sort to bring up the drop down and click on a different sort. This will select the sort and close the drop down.

  2. Click on the sort again, the sort you chose in #1 is now selected as blue and you can flip the arrow which I indicated in the pic up and down without the drop box closing.

Repeat the above for each sort chosen.

Yes, I agree that the drop box should not close when selecting a different sort. And it gets confusing that you might have to go into the drop box a second time to start flipping the sort choices.

It has already been mentioned as noted by JTNT above.

Btw, I am just a fellow user like you.

Pixel 4a phone running Android 11
Huawei M5 Lite tablet running 8
ZTE Mini-tablet K87CA running 10

Doesn’t work at all

And in reply to Rugby, that doesn’t work for me. There is no amount of clicking and changing sort options in the pull-down menu that will sort albums or artists to start with zed.

Well, those settings do a couple of things actually.

  1. Some of the default settings choose which data is used, “Album Dates for Sorting” for example. These selections do not change unless changed in Settings.

  2. Some of the default settings, you choose the Default view for a new client, like “Date Added”. After that, when you start changing sorts, it is owned from there on by the client. Each client can have its own sort as those sort choices live on the individual client, not the server which just sets the default.

Perhaps there should be a “Reset to Default” button, but, that would be a Feature Request.

Hi Stan,

It would certainly help Support in narrowing down where the issues is, since it is working for both me and Geoff, if you could describe the step where it is failing.

Can you do Step 1, change the sort from Name to Date for example?

On Step 2, you have to hit the actual arrow, not the whole row to change the arrow direction. I know for a guy like me with huge hands the “hit box” is a little small and I had to get used to where to click it, otherwise the drop box would just close. (That is why I use Note phones, the stylus lets me get around my fat fingers, lol).

I was playing with the stylus and discovered that if I hit the arrow in the menu (not the little arrowhead next to Sort) it will change the direction. My memory is that clicking or or touching (android) that little arrowhead in 1,7 would change the direction (but my memory could be faulty). That works on the desktop and the other android devices too so that problem is solved. Thanks.

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Hi Stan,

Glad you got it working. I do think that it needs some re-working as it is very confusing as it is.


It’s a menu. When you click on a menu item in a menu the menu is supposed to go away. It’s not a dialog box. If I click on the direction indicator icon next to the menu it reverses the direction of the sort and keeps the menu open.

How so? On the Mac or my iPad the behavior is completely normal and not confusing at all. Of course, if it works differently on other platforms, yes, they should be fixed.

But how does this make sense: albums are newest to oldest, but singles/EPs are not?

That they should fix. Either have all of the sections follow the menu settings or each section should have their own menu.

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