SoTM / Eunhasu webpage not loading?

(Stuart Brown) #1

Has any SoTM sms 200 ultra users experienced the eunhasu webpage failing to load? HQ player now cant find my device and i cannot play music through Roon as i normally would as a result.

Im a bit stuck, i don’t know if maybe i need to update software but its really unclear, i cant find any info online.

Thanks for any help.

(Mikael Ollars) #2

Have you restarted the SOtM by unplugging for at least 30sec and then checking both USB and network connections before plugging back in?

If you visit http://eunhasu.local what do you see?

(Stuart Brown) #3

Hi, no I haven’t tried that but I don’t think the issue is the equipment itself.

The sms200 is controlled through the web interface and it’s that that won’t load, it comes up ‘IP address not found’ I’ve always been able to bring up the web interface even when I haven’t had the device connected to the system.


Is there a duplicate ip address?
Have you tried resetting the router??


The OS could be corrupted. I had an SMS-200 and that happened a coupla times.

(Stuart Brown) #6

Ok, how does that happen? And how did you rectify it?


It happens because, unlike eMMC media, SD cards are susceptible to power spikes. Maybe you had an outage or you didn’t shutdown the device before power was, for whatever reason, cut?

Here is a link I used reflash the SMS-200 card, but the Ultra might use something different.

If that link doesn’t work, contact SOtM. A nice lady named May Park will help you either with further troubleshooting or with an appropriate link to reflash your device.

Might not solve your problem, just something easy enough to try.

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(Stuart Brown) #8

Ok thanks for that, I’ll give it a try, cheers