SoTM / Eunhasu webpage not loading?

Has any SoTM sms 200 ultra users experienced the eunhasu webpage failing to load? HQ player now cant find my device and i cannot play music through Roon as i normally would as a result.

Im a bit stuck, i don’t know if maybe i need to update software but its really unclear, i cant find any info online.

Thanks for any help.

Have you restarted the SOtM by unplugging for at least 30sec and then checking both USB and network connections before plugging back in?

If you visit http://eunhasu.local what do you see?

Hi, no I haven’t tried that but I don’t think the issue is the equipment itself.

The sms200 is controlled through the web interface and it’s that that won’t load, it comes up ‘IP address not found’ I’ve always been able to bring up the web interface even when I haven’t had the device connected to the system.

Is there a duplicate ip address?
Have you tried resetting the router??

The OS could be corrupted. I had an SMS-200 and that happened a coupla times.

Ok, how does that happen? And how did you rectify it?

It happens because, unlike eMMC media, SD cards are susceptible to power spikes. Maybe you had an outage or you didn’t shutdown the device before power was, for whatever reason, cut?

Here is a link I used reflash the SMS-200 card, but the Ultra might use something different.

If that link doesn’t work, contact SOtM. A nice lady named May Park will help you either with further troubleshooting or with an appropriate link to reflash your device.

Might not solve your problem, just something easy enough to try.

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Ok thanks for that, I’ll give it a try, cheers

Hi did you get it sorted?
im having same issue, cannot connect to eunhasu page, again! its so hit and miss its totally a pain in the ass!!
i let my roon lapse to see if i would miss it and i did, so ive repurchased the subscription and tried to connect but my pc is not seeing the sotm ultra 200.
I have disconnected the power several times, restarted router and still not getting found, ive done roon settings to search for the ultra 200 but nothing. When i first used roon it only lasted a short while and this happened, had to get the dealer to sort it and eventually he had to send me another sd card, so how long do these cards last? i cant be doing this every time!
just not on for expensive equipment to give up so easily surly?
I dont have a card reader and dont have the it skills to reburn a card what can i do?

I am sorry to have to say @ron_ferris that after firmware 4.22 SOtM have had problems with things like this. My Ultra have done this a couple of times and a re-burn of the SD card is the only thing that helps. It is not that difficult to re-burn the SD card perhaps you know someone that can help you?

I have been in contact with May at SOtM and right now I am trying out settings to se if it happens again and can send them feedback.

After it happened twice a couple of weeks ago I got a new SanDisk Ultra 32Gb class 10 card and “knock on wood” now it have not been lost on the network.

If you are runing 4.6 the settings that SOtM indicated could be a problem is if you run the setting 100BASE network speed and “auto negotiation off”. Now I run 1000BASE and “auto negotiation on” why this could make the Ultra go “bananas” I dont know…

Thanks Fredrik
Been trying for nearly a week to get connected using the http eunhasu on my browser and the IP address of the ultra with no effect! Jest getting no where. I was messing about last night and was on the SOtM web page and hit a link for the eunhasu roon page and it loaded was able to restart roon and all working. Not sure why it did I have tried this route before and with no success
I love the SOtM kit I have ( dsx1000 dac and 200 ultra) but it’s a total pain in the ass! I’ve never had any hi fi that is so user difficult and stops out so often! As soon as I’m able I’m getting rid of it and changing to a simpler way to have roon on a dac
Thanks for your help hope the new sad card works keep up informed please on all updates

Totally agree with you. So much hassle. I wonder if its best not to do any upgrades once things are working. But then again we rely on roon updates on SMS200 ultra too.
I have crackling noise when I play high res music. And now I have the same issue as yourself on top of that. Gosh

I really hope SOtM get it together and produce a firmware that is solid. I decided to move on and sold all my SOtM stuff.

I Hear you Fredrik. I have 4 devices from them, so still reluctant. But everyone has a breaking point

I had a sMS-200ultra and a tX-USBultra but the problems with the firmware and SD card after 4.22 was just a bit to much but was lucky to find someone who bought it all with cables and PSU. Now I am waiting for a dCS Network bridge.

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Mine has lost connection again this is totally not good! come on SOPTM you need to get your shit together, im selling these bits of crap to get an auralic no hassle with those and the support is tremendous according to a friend of mine who has one, it sounds more organic to so much nicer and has great filters to suit most people.
Ive had it with sotm there stuff is expensive but worth feck all when trying to trade or sell. bad buy and a big mistake on my part. my little sqeezebox with an audionote dac was far better even without dsd or mqa.

I sold my SOtM equipment a couple of weeks ago got decent money for them in a package with two Paul Hynes PSU and some cables. Bought a dCS Network bridge and it performs superb with zero software problems. Their Mosaic app handles everything including settings, Tidal, Qobuz and no switching between playing with Roon or Mosaic they are active at the same time.

The last weeks with my SOtM kit there was so much problem and I tried everything they suggested but still it was lost from the network and only a re-burn of the SD card would solve it. I am truly glad I got them sold.

Hi Fredrik
How to re-burn of the SD card? Thanks

Follow this.

Thanks for help. I don’t know how to do that lol.