Sound Quality - Does Cable Quality Matter?

One other unrelated question for you sir; with my setup, now having my core computer connected via Ethernet to my router, would I have any kind of benefit audibly from using an upgraded Ethernet cable for the core>router connection?

I realize cables are a subjective realm but I do have high end cables throughout the rest of my system and would like to avoid a ‘weak point’ here.


Hi @Brandon_Raap,

I have split your post and have moved it to the software section.

We (support staff) generally don’t comment on Sound Quality questions past what we have suggested in our Sound Quality Knowledge Base Article of making sure that the cables support gigabit speeds.

Other users who have looked into this further may provide some additional feedback for you here.

– Noris

Only you will know in your system. Their naysayers and evangelists on here for either argument. Use your ears and decide.


The only correct answer to your question. There is simply to much deviation when it comes to this subject in order to come with definitive answer. Although I do think that allot of naysayers have based their opinion on theory instead of real life testing.

Try to get some test samples from your HiFi dealer and be your own judge.


Blue Jeans Cable makes good quality affordable cables.

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Brandon, another very affordable ethernet cable is made by Pangea Audio. I have several of these as well as the BJC Cat 6 ones. You can find them on amazon and at Audio Advisor in Michigan,

I like those