Sound stop alone each 5 minutes


I have various Squeezebox Radio, all working find, but after 5 or 10 minutes listening, song stop on radio.
I must touch any button on radio to restart to heard the music, or use play/pause button on Roon.

Any idea ?


Amazingly, I have been searching for the answer to this as well. I have the same problem.

I have a Transporter, SB Classic, Sonicorbiter, and SB Radio all running Roon. Each works great except for the Radio. I have tried many solutions: increasing resync (that fixed a similar issue with my Classic), ethernet connection instead of wireless (using Lyncsys power links), and various reboots (basically everything in the network, player, roon, routers, etc). No success.

I do not think my problem is the network. I am running Roon on a new Mac Mini w/SSD drive as roon recommends. No network issues with other players.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

When you say Radio are you referring to the Radio Function in Roon to create a random playlist or are you referring to an internet Radio Station?

No, David and i both own Squeezebox radios. It is a music player (steaming, DAC, small speakers all in one).

Ahh, sorry my misunderstanding. I have a SB3 and the BoomBox, but not the Radio. Interestingly, the Boom is very much like a bigger Radio and it doesn’t have any dropout issues.

(Knock on wood), I think I found a solution. Stop using the volume control on the radio and only adjust volume with the remote. More specifically, reboot the radio, adjust the volume with the remote, and from then on never touch the volume control on the radio. After doing that, my radio has not stopped playing once.

Not sure why that works, but I had a suspicion that the two volumes didn’t like working together. And, apparently they don’t. Give it a try.

This weird little solution continues to work for me…


Well, back to the drawing board. Just got my first “drop” using just the roon remote. Not exactly a drop. As David has experienced, music stops playing and can only be restarted by touching a button (for me the volume button) on the radio or hitting play on the remote. Strangely, the remote shows that the track is playing even after the radio stops playing.

Rebooting seems to help but only for awhile.

Any ideas?


Any ideas?

Hey @John_Culver – we can take a look at this for you. Can you describe your network and setup in detail, as described here?

Also, does this issue happen with all content formats, or does it only happen with, say, high res or TIDAL?

Hey. I figured out how to run LMS with the radio and Roon with my other players. No drops with LMS on the radio. Given that I only listen to the radio for brief periods when I am in bed or getting up in the morning, I can live without the Roon functionality. Thanks.

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Exactly the same for me !

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I have 4 radios in my home and have this shutdown issue on all of them. The pattern I see is if i turn them on manually they remain on. However if i turn them on through Roon, they shutdown after a couple of minutes. Seems like the WOL doesn’t stick or something. Never had this with LMS.

Happy to help hunting for this bug, cause it’s annoying.

Running Roon on a virtualized server (ESXi), on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS, guessing it happens when playing tidal (non-HiFi). Will check if there is serious interest in resolving this bug.

I would love to see this fixed, thanks

Anyone make any progress on this? I have checked my network and am pretty sure that is not the source of the problem. I have my Sb Radio connected by ethernet and my SB# and Transporter have no issues. The fact that others are experiencing the same thing says to me the issue is the Radio’s connection with Roon.

Help please?

Yes, problem only present on SB radio.
And only if I pay with the physical volume botton.

otherway, all working fine


So, I was hoping 1.3 would help here. Radio actually played for several hours without a drop. However, this morning it dropped after 5 minutes.

Help here please. as you can see, many people are having this issue. And, I have already looked into netwrk issues and feel confident that is not the issue.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

BTW, loving 1.3 (on my other boxes) greatly.

any ideas?

Again, many people are having this issue. It does not appear to be network related and I (at least) have played with resync, etc to no effect).

Thanks in advance.

Hi @David_Ghidoni and @John_Culver ----- Thank you for the feedback and sorry for the inconvenience here. As mike had asked in Post #9 may I kindly ask you both to please (if you haven’t already) provide the details of your setup and your network configurations.

Furthermore, I’d like to grab some logs from you both after the issue(s) being reported has been reproduced. Once the problem has been observed, could you please zip up a copy of your core logs and send them to me in a dropbox link via PM and we’ll have a look.



Current version of Roon. Problem existed with prior versions as well going back to September. Running on Mac mini,i5, 8gb Ram,Sierra 10.12.3. Gigabit Ethernet switch. 10/100mbps internet router.

SB Radio connected to network by power line ethernet. At least 100mbps.b Most recent version LMS.

As mentioned, SB plays for a while, then stops (approx. 5 minutes)… When i adjust volume on Radio, it starts again for another few minutes. Lots of other owners have this exact same issue with the Radio.

I have played with Roon settings for this box, including resync delay to no avail.

Sorry i did not provide this info before, but as I have said, I do not think this can be a network issue. My network works great. I play Roon on a Squeezebox 3 and a Transporter (using DSP) with NO issues.

As an owner of 3 SB products, Roon’s integration with SB was why I pulled the trigger on Roon in the first place. Very glad i did as your product is AMAZING. However, i would really like to be able to use all my SBs.