Soundiiz, Tidal to Qobuz process

Hi there,

I am in the process of moving from Tidal to Qobuz. I signed up for a premium Soundiiz account and went through the platform to platform process. On Soundiiz it looks to be recording all my previous Tidal albums etc on Qobuz and this is the same if I look at the Qobuz app, but I can’t see it reflected in Roon yet, it doesn’t look as if anything has changed in Roon. I did have 1000+ Tidal albums and I was expecting to now see 1000+ Qobuz albums as well after the batch transfer.

Am I missing a step in the process? Or do I just need to wait a bit? Any help appreciated?

Thanks @xxx. I had a read through the thread. So do your once Tidal and now Qobuz albums show up now? Mine is still exactly the same as when I started although not in the Qobuz app. Any idea what fixed it for you? It seems like in your thread they appeared overnight!

I think the Roon lads were working with Qobuz behind the scenes. That seemed to resolve my problem.

The thread I linked in is not the only one. There are other threads about this.

I wouldn’t bother telling Qobuz, they don’t seem to care, but let’s tag @support again, so they know there’s still a problem.

I am assuming you have restarted Core, to no avail.

I was messing around with where I wanted to run Core (unrelated to Qobuz problem) so I did a library restore at some point. Don’t know if that had an effect, but you might want to try it for yuks.

Do the albums at least show up in Qobuz Favorites using the Roon menu pick? Mine always did, it was automagically updating Roon library that failed.


Hi @tahsu,

Apologies for the trouble here! We’ve been investigating this with Qobuz and hope to have things resolved soon. Qobuz let us know they’ve identified an issue and are hoping to have it resolved this week, so things should be working for you in the near future! I appreciate your patience while this is being worked on.

Thanks @dylan and @xxx for replying.

I am not quite sure what you mean. If I use the focus function when looking at albums I see only the Qobuz albums I have added directly, not the Soundiiz ones. So it shows tidal at 1200 or so and 40 odd for Qobuz. Although I don’t think you mean that. The albums do appear to be there in the favourite tab in the Qobuz windows app.

Yeah, sounds like what I experienced.

What I was talking about was the Roon main drop down menu where one can look at Tidal or Qobuz offerings, newest stuff, etc. I could always see My Favorites for Qobuz from there.

I could always see Qobuz stuff and, like you I could manually add Qobuz to my library.

You have definitely the same problem that’s been cropping up. Looks like Roon is on it, which is great because Qobuz had no interest.:neutral_face:

Hi @xxx.

Gotcha! I have never used/seen this functionality before. Its weird, because my albums do actually show here so the transfer has worked, sort of. But not in the main album view, that is as before. Weird.

So I suppose I just wait then now…

Update: I re-ran the batch in Soundiiz and more has happened so far. Over 1k albums are now recognised as Qobuz within Roon. I am still checking…

Update 2: it seems there are about 500 albums which can be added to Qobuz (e.g. there is a Qobuz equivalent album) but have not been.

Update 3: I was just in the album view with Tidal selected and I have seen an album move off this list into the overall number, so it appears to be adding albums still, but just quite slowly, 581 left!

Update 4: That wasn’t right, it has stopped at 581, and actually gone up to 583.

Update 5: There are a lot of duplicates, estimated 200+ or so where there is an equivalent album showing from Tidal and Qobuz. Of the 300 or so albums left, lots have Qobuz and tidal choices, however, try as I might, I can’t add a Qobuz version to the library, it just circles and does not add. Clearly a problem here.

Today’s update.

Well I have migrated now fully across to Qobuz. I used the final part of the exercise as a cleansing experience. I managed to move quite a few of the remaining albums across to Qobuz manually. I ditched about a third (of those not on Qobuz), I don’t think I will miss them. I had a few, three to be precise, which I didnt want to loose and they are not on Qobuz, slightly more obscure electronic music. So I visited bandcamp this morning and purchased there + one second hand CD on Amazon as I couldn’t find anywhere else.

Once I had paid on Bandcamp I had a choice of what format I wanted the files in and I downloaded them initially as wav files (Flac as well later) as I wondered how easy it would be to use them, nearly all my existing files are FLAC. I had to manually fiddle around with the tracks as Roon dropped a track per album but once I have sorted out the metadata they sound excellent. I am not sure I get any real benefit but pleased to try wav anyway.

Anyway, I just cancelled Tidal, so Qobuz it is. Thanks for the help all.

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