Speeding up iPad controller searching for server


I just moved to Roon from all Meridian Sooloos setup, and just loving it so far.

Roon has much more advantages compared to sooloos, but I think Roon controller is missing a simple feature that is in Sooloos control, which is saving ip address to search for the core (headless server).

When using Sooloos core, we often use fixed IP for core & store, which increase the seek time, and I also fixed IP for my NUC which runs Roon Server. Roon IPad controller seem to be missing fix IP serching capabilities, nore remember the last IP address of the server, because whenever I wake up my ipad from screen saver(while roon is playing of course), the Roon always search for server location, and this is relatively slow.

Please add this (search fixed IP) feature for next release.


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I second this

There was discussion about the same issue in this thread:

How long is it taking to reconnect ? Mine takes about 2 seconds.

Incidentally, if you want to disable the iPad screen from sleeping the option to keep screen awake is in Settings/Setup

Thank you… I will check out that thread as well. The time to reconnect depends on how long my IPad screen was sleeping, but it seems more than 2 seconds, and it is definitely slower than sooloos core control. I am energy conscious, so leaving my Ipad screen on like forever is not my option:)

I concur. Two (2) seconds is typical. Even Apple’s Remote App will require a reconnect when leaving for another task. And the reconnect times are similar. This is not to dismiss others’ experience of reconnect times they find inconvenient. I, for one, find the reconnect very reasonable and understandable. I am referring to an iPad Air 2.


Roon Remotes are good about this already. If it was connected to a core before, it’ll retry to connect to that same IP. In fact, it’s very aggressive in locating the Roon core on your network. The experience should be much much better than Sooloos.

@REShaman’s experience is what’ve I’ve felt as well, and that’s mostly the time it takes the device to get “on the network”.

Are you seeing otherwise? If so, I’d like more information, as there is probably just a bug in some circumstances.

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Thank you Danny for your response. I must say customer support for Roon is 110 out of 100, it is just amazing.

I was trying to explore if being able to input ip address manually would go one step further in increasing the server seek time, but if it already at optimal operation, then I am more than satisfied with it.