Squeezebox Radio Issue

Hey @Geefes I found this post of yours, great help. I have a Squeezebox Radio. My current firmware is 7.7. So I installed 7.9.3 version today. I logged by Squeezebox Radio into my new temporary LMS on a Windows PC. All good. How do I update the firmware to a new version? If I go to Squeezebox Radio Update Firmware, it continues to get me the option to update to an old version, 7.7, actually reinstall this old version, since this is the version I have now installed. I can go to the LMS on the Windows PC and under options/Advances/Software Updates, I can check for updates now. In your instructions, the Squeezebox firmware was to be uploaded. So far, not so for me. I know this is an old topic, I hope you might have a tip. I appreciate you setting out these instructions.

I’ve learned that Squeezebox Radio firmware was formally developed to firmware 7.7.3-r16676. There are some “baby” firmware in the community and it may be possible to upgrade the Squeezebox Radio to a higher firmware:



But outside of a community firmware hack, I think 7.7.3 might be the end of the road for most of us with Squeezebox Radio which might limit using the SB Radio for music playback.

Hey @Malleus thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately I do not own the Squeezebox Radio and I have no idea about its latest firmware and/or voluntary developers these days.
Why are you looking for new firmware? The reason for 7.9.x with the Touch was to enable it for 24/192 playback with a special driver developed and added by some voluntary developer.
Can the Radio also be transformed into a HiRes endpoint for Roon?
I really like the sound of the Touch in 24/192, btw. I have three of these connected to different AV Receivers via Toslink and I like to be able to make use of room grouping with these devices. I have never heard a difference between a Touch and one of the recent Roon ready network boxes for 500-1000US$ :innocent:

Me again. Did you visit https://github.com/Logitech/slimserver ? Michael Herger is still actively developing Logitech/Slimserver and he has some remarks on the buggy firmware of the Player on this site. You should be able to patch the firmware but I do not know if you really need the patch for running Radio as a Roon endpoint.

That is the issue. ROON can seen my Squeezebox radio. It can’t stream to it though. A track will attempt to begin, 0:00 and after a few seconds, the next track in the queue will be up to play, again locked on 0:00. The next iteration of the firmware brought DoP to another Squeezebox, the touch?, and I was thinking that firmware might allow me to play my SB Radio on ROON. I’d love to do that without messing with a buggy firmware port if I can help it. Not too many SQ radio posts here, not sure whether this is a capable ROON endpoint. I’ll ask @noris maybe there is a workaround without trying a new firmware.

The Radio is just mono, sort of like AM radio. Not my main listening rig but it would be a nice addition in my house for a work room. @support

Here is a similar thread.

I am running ROON core on i7 NUC via ethernet to WiFi to Squeezebox Radio. Squeezebox is enabled in audio settings. I’ve done several factory resets. Other audio nodes work great.

Hi @Malleus,

I split your post out into a #support thread.

I’m not aware of any issues with using Squeezebox Radio, are you using the “baby” version or the latest stable version right now? Were you having this issue before installing the new firmware?

FWIW, and IME, Roon has an issue with reliable WiFi streaming to all Squeezeboxen. I’m now running a dual serveer environment: roon to two Transporters which are hardwired, and LMS to two Touches and two Booms which use WiFi. both servers access the same media library and Qobuz.

the differences are instructive: LMS is obviously not as rich an experience as Roon, but it’s simplicity is also benefit, as i don’t have to fight my collection and file tags (mostly Jazz & Classical). Also, Don’t Stop the Music in LMS is a far superior radio solution to Roon Radio.

I have using the last official firmware, 7.7.3. I did not attempt any further tweaks or upgrades beyond this official firmware release. I’ve been using this firmware for many years now.

I did not have trouble before (previously running LMS off Synology NAS over WiFi to Squeezebox radio). Currently NAS is not running LMS, no other copy of LMS in background on my system.

I can get ROON to see the Squeezebox Radio As one of my audio zones but I can’t stream music to it. I’m continuing to troubleshoot.

Hi @Malleus,

So it sounds like this setup was working for quite a while in Roon and then it recently stopped working in Roon?

Is this PC your Roon Core? I would check the firewall, Windows Updates sometimes mess up firewall settings from what I’ve seen:

Since you are using a Windows PC, I would verify that both Roon.exe and RAATServer.exe have been added as exceptions to your Windows firewall.

You can use these instructions to add the exceptions and the executables themselves would be located in your Database Location/Application folder path.

I would also add these exceptions to any Antivirus or other Firewall blocking applications you may have and ensure that you connected to your network via a Private network, not a Public one, see this guide for more information.

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