Squeezelite not recognized? [Solved by using RoonBridge instead]

Having trouble getting my squeezelite devices recognized by Roon Server. Anyone have the same issue ? Could this be a bug since the latest release ?

Have tried 3 different devices - no problem with Airplay (except when squeezelite and airplay run simultaneously on the same platform), but impossible to get squeezelite recognized…

If you go to Preferences->Setup, there is an option “Enable Squeezebox Support”. Is this enabled or disabled?

Yes, obviously it is enabled as I had it working before (but should have said it).

Hi @anon49565150 ---- My apologies for the issue here, I am sure we can get this figured out :slight_smile: In order to better understand what may be going here, I’d like to gather some information from you first about the gear you are working with currently.

Can you please describe in detail, as seen here, your current setup. The more detailed you are, the better. Thanks!



I have Roon Server version 1.2 build 154 installed on an I7 PC with Ubuntu server. Squeezelite is installed on an Alix 3d2 with voyage linux as an OS. Squeezelite is recognized as a player when I run LMS on another PC (within the same network, obviously), and interestingly, when I connect LMS to squeezelite it says that player is already connected to the Roon Server system (I connect, and it plays normally in LMS).
Before upgrading to the latest build, I had no issues. I also tried installing Squeezelite on a laptop with Windows, and on an Intel board with a TinyCore distribution. No endpoint is discovered in Roon…

As a control point, I am using Roon on a laptop (Windows 7), and have also tried it on my Android phone. In both cases, same result…

Is there any way to revert to the previous build to see if that solves the issue ?

@anon49565150 ----- Thank you for the feedback! The information you’ve provided is extremely useful while investigating problems. I will be taking a closer look into this issue with my team.

Unfortunately, it is not possible roll back to a previous version of roon. I am confident we can bring you back up to 100% functionality as we’ve found the latest releases to be quite stable for the vast majority of users.



Any update?

Hi @anon49565150 ----- My apologies for the delay. Can you please confirm that you are not running another squeezebox server on your network as described here. Thanks!



No I am not running LMS anywhere else on the network. I installed it only to check whether squeezelite was recognized by LMS.

Is anyone else having the same issue?

Hi @anon49565150 ---- My apologies for the sow response. Thank you for your feedback and the follow up! We are currently testing in house to try and replicate the issue you are experiencing and will keep you up to date with our findings. We greatly appreciate your patience. Thanks!


Thanks. I hope this can be resolved…

Hi @anon49565150

This probably will not help you much, but I just started Squeezelite on my Mac and it immediately appeared in Roon:

Roonserver running on a NUCi5 w/ Ubuntu server 16.04 – not much different from you. Are you sure there’s no other software active ‘claiming’ the Squeezelite instances and/or network related stuff between your Ubuntu server and the clients?

It helps to know that it is working for someone… The strange thing is that when i did install lms and tried to connect it said the player was allready connected to the roon server.

I have switched to another player, with RoonBridge, so there is no urgency on solving this issue. Maybe with the next upgrade I will try Squeezelite again…

Squeezelite is inferior to RoonBridge in almost all ways, and there shouldn’t be any real reason to use it with Roon.

You will be glad you used RoonBridge.

For a while I had alsa crossover filters setup with squeezelite. Correct me if I am wrong but I think RoonBridge does not use the default alsa device indicated in etc/asound.conf . I have switched to a hardware DSP, so all good…

Could you provide more information about the superiority of RoonBridge over Squeezelite ?

The information is available on the forums if you search for it. You might also browse the Squeezebox sub forum.

thx for the quick reply, I’ll search for it.