Stability Issue With Build 259 & Possibly Sonos



since updating to Build 259, as detailed at the end of this thread -

I seem to be having some stability issues with Roon Server. It keeps restarting itself every 3 days or so. Along with this I am having some audio stopping randomly (mid track for no reason) with Roon freezing issues, usually when playing to a Sonos Connect. By freezing I mean that the playback indicator on the waveform display just stops moving. The rest of Roon Remote seems to work fine, just no audio. However, I did not connect the two until a few minutes ago when Roon did its freeze trick and Roon Remote (Win 10) lost connection to the Core (Rock). I checked the Rock status page straight away to see that Roon Server had just restarted itself. Roon OS itself (build 148) has been up over 10 days since the update with no reboots.

System is:
All Ethernet wired (inc SONOS)
Synology NAS for storage
Virginmedia Superhub 2 router
Win 10 usually used as Remote.

The first time this happened, I also fired up an Android Remote, to find it in the same frozen state as Win 10 Remote, so certainly a Core issue of some sort.

I am not sure if the server restarting issue and the Sonos playback issue are related, as when Roon restarted itself earlier today, it was not being used by anyone.I haven’t tried a NUC switch off/on yet in case you need some logs before I do so.

Hi, @Anthony_Bates, thanks for the report! For the further investigation, we’ll need you to send us logs from your machine, I’ll contact you via PM with more details. I will also move this topic to the Support cathegory.Thanks!


Hi Ivan,

many thanks. Have sent you a PM with the necessary links to logs etc.


Hi @Anthony_Bates ---- Thank you for the follow up and PM. Confirming that all materials have been received and are in our queue to be evaluated by a member of our tech staff.

Your patience is greatly appreciated while the team conducts their evaluation.