Stack Audio Link II

I’m even more tempted by a Stack Audio Link II than I was a while back. Are those of you who have one still happy? I would be running my Roon Core on a Macmini M1 (which is hardwired to my router) and using wifi to reach the Link II, which in turn would feed my Chord DAVE/MScaler. Only want the Link II for Roon. Would appreciate any feedback.

Hi Jez, I am using the Link II with my RME ADI Dac and Roon for some weeks now and I am very pleased. Setup is all All hard wired, I use an old Mac Mini as Roon Core. I hear people are saying that one should avoid Wifi with the Link II as it would negatively impact audio quality but did not try myself. I only had a midrange setup before (Pioneer N50ae) and the Link II / RME combo is a substantial upgrade in sound. Especially the upscaling to 32/384 is amazing imho. I occasionally use a chromecast with the RME and the Link II sounds a lot better in comparision. Hope this helps, pls feel free to reach out if you have further questions. BR, Lars

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Another happy SA LINK user here :grinning:

It feeds my Chord M Scaler/TT2 combo, and it works flawlessly with Roon.


Roon setup was seamless. About a minute after plugging it in, roon saw it as endpoint. You need to hook it up to Ethernet the first time you use it. In roon setting, when you see it as endpoint, there is also a link that take you to Link II’s setting. From there you can setup wireless. I also recommend the linear power supply for further sonic improvements.


Thanks everyone. Because of component shortages they now only sell it with the linear power supply. I am just waiting to find out how a return would be dealt with given that I am in Europe and the U.K. has now left the E.U… Stack sell into Europe excluding VAT and their courier collects the VAT on behalf of the destination country. Which makes returning the Link potentially problematic as Stack Audio can only refund the price excluding VAT. But if I can find a safe way of trying one out I shall.

I’ve been doing some reading and it hasn’t helped.
I have my nucleus connected to my DAC via USB
it works great
Still challenged to figure out what this does and why I need it???
I’m a fan of plunking down money I don’t have for audio equipment I don’t need but I’m just not connecting the dots on why I should have this?

Oh…I dont use Tidal or other streaming services if that plays into it

Unfortunately the Link was designed off the back of around £100k of investment from users who never got to see the fruit of their money. John took their money and used that to buy measurement kit, designed the clock and sold the design to Link and Pro-Ject.

Not someone who should be supported or endorsed.


I used to have my Chord M Scaler/TT2 directly connected to my Nucleus via USB.

Then I bought a LINK. It’s an absolutely excellent streamer, and provides a demonstrable improvement in sound quality from my Chord stack.

The SA LINK is highly recommended, IMO.

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I’m confused in what Stack Audio’s role in this was? Were they aware of what he was up to? Should we boycott Stack Audio because John Westlake? Stack Audio itself seems stand up. They have good customer service and their products work as promised. I could have sworn in the past that their website mentioned John by name but don’t him listed anymore. But why hurt another company that may have went into a honest business relationship with John who eventually was shown to be bad. They would be a victim too.

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I’m just pointing it out, do what you want with that info.

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In the last several months I tested almost every significant network file transport. No one gets closer to Stack Audio Link II, sonically speaking. Many other streamers have better measurements or have better other characteristics, but Link II is quite unique in the world of streamers, because of his natural and nalogue like sound. I heard such this only on high end CD/SACD players.
In present I use Link II with Lpsu Volt, Jcat Net Isolator and Intona, feeding an all-Accuphase high end system.


+1 for the Stack Audio LINK.

I have mine feeding my Esoteric K-01X BH at present, and it sounds breathtaking. I’m not sure which I prefer, this combo or my Linn Klimax DS Organik.

Just be aware that the LINK is a Roon Bridge: