Standalone, compact Roon Ready Player/Speaker - what options?

My son has started showing an interest in music and I’d prefer he didn’t listen via earbuds so I’m looking for recommendations re a compact, Roon Ready, all in one solution he can use to listen in his bedroom.

What reasonably priced (non audiophile) options are out there?

Phone plus Bluetooth speaker, most kids have a phone already,

I use this for my “cooking listening “

The Insignia Voice portable speaker is often on sale at Best Buy. You can unplug the mains plug and use it as portable Bluetooth speaker, but it also has a clock and Google Assistant inside, and Roon sees it as a Chromecast endpoint. Pretty good bedside clock radio.

Provided you do not require grouping with your RAAT zone(s), you probably want to look at AirPlay or Chromecast capable speakers. Plenty of options at $200, give or take. I have a Libratone ZIPP that I almost never use, but it is a nicely built portable speaker with a carrying strap.


Sonos Play 1

How reliable this is does seem to depend a bit on the phone, just from my own experience and posts on the forum…worth trying though. If it were me I’d go down the Airplay or Chromecast route as @WiWavelength suggests if you’re playing from Roon. Loads of great little speakers that either have it built in or you could use a Chromecast Audio puck with. Audiopro get good comments, at the cheaper end I have a UE Roll 2 which is surprisingly good and very portable/waterproof.

Bluesound Pulse Mini

ELAC Discovery Z3.

The other one I lo9ed was the JBL Playlist, as far as I remember it is WiFi and Chromecast Ready, so presumably Roon will see it



I listened in shop but no more

The Bluesound devices are obvious choices but be warned that there seem to be lots of issues with syncing and them disappearing from Roon (I’ve had my fair share of issues with new Pulse Flex 2is and sent them all back). Next to the Airplay and Squeezebox options mentioned here, you could build a Raspberry Pi + HAT + passive speaker solution very cheaply, which seems the most solid option.

RPi 3 b+, SD-Card, Case ~50-60 USD
HifiBerry AMP2 ~60 USD
20V power adapter ~20 USD

Then get a nice pair of passive speakers and set them up connected to the RPi endpoint :slight_smile:

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Do you have one of these? I’d really like to use one of these if it works consistently. I asked Sonos about it and they didn’t even know what Roon Labs was. Not even joking!

Yes I have one in my kitchen and it works perfectly with Roon…


Ended up with an Audio Pro Addon T3 with a Chromecast Audio plugged in the back. Perfect for bedside duty. Sounds better than anything that size has a right to.

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