Standby on MacBook

Roon Core Machine

How do I get the Roon Core on my Mac to wake up from sleep mode by network access?
When I open the Roon Remote, I get a “cannot connect” error message and have to manually wake up the Mac first.

If you open energy saver preferences from the battery icon, under Power Adapter there is a tickbox for Wake for Network Access.

I also use an app called Insomniacs which allows me to close the lid of my MBPro without going into sleep mode.

Is it similar to this issue?

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Thank you for bringing your issue to our attention.

Please see @Hestepare’s post and link to the screenshots I provided to another user.

Prior to Roon 2.0, we apparently had a bug (or feature) that kept a Mac OS device from truly going to sleep. We’ve addressed this in some of the changes from 1.8 to 2.0.

Once you’ve made this change and rebooted you should see your issue disappear. Please let me know if that is not the case though. I’m happy to continue helping!


Just chiming in to clarify that there are two issues here:

  1. Mac sleeping so core is inaccessible
  2. Mac sleeping, but core accessible - however, “audio zones” is inaccessible (nothing shows up) unless Mac is awake

My issue is number two.

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