Start Radio Roon core vs Start Radio Roon ARC why there is difference?

I just wanted to ask if there is only me that experience difference between Roon app and Roon radio of chosen artist and Roon ARC and Roon ARC radio of chosen artists. My problem lays in Roon Arc radio play only one artist where at home on Roon core it will find other artist in almost same genres :smiley: . It’s just play Boy Harsher tracks and nothing else in my case. Why there is difference? Or I’m using it wrong?

It moves across artists for me. Your aren’t offline by any chance?

Not really - the artist I use to have problems “boy harsher” I have only through tidal or qobuz so I’m online all the time.

It kicked off others for me.

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Strange I’m getting this with every artist :disguised_face:
I recorded screen that shows that in link bellow

Just checking, have you rebooted everything from the network outward?

I’m also stuck within the same artist in ARC.

As far I remember I rebooted my Mac mini with ROON core last week I can do that again but I’m not sure that this is that simple.

And you try with different artist?

Yes I tried two different. 100 songs in a row from the same artist. Tested in Roon, and song nr 2 came from another artist. So definitely a feature with some possibility to improve.

I see same issue as mine I hope @support will pick up this any time soon and improve it :smiley:

I just rebooted everything and no change but i discovered that one of the artist Im listen to “Lebanon Hanover” Arc roon radio works and in second track came different artist so it’s obviously worked but not with any others artist I check maybe 4 more…

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Roon ARC app - when starting radio play only one artist with some artist despite it play well with this artist on roon core. Why there is a difference? @connor @noris
When I was prepping demonstration video more weird things happened :smiley:
On vide i try to play Boy Harsher radio but its playing only Boy Harsher then I play Air roon radio and it works so I jum on The Soft Moon similar genres artist to Boy Harsher and I realize its not in my favorites so I select hearth but software take off heart second after - I move on to start radio of The Soft moon and its start to play Boy Harsher songs :rofl:
I think there is room for improvement here :smiley:

Video in the link bellow:

Yeah this has been reported before

And in earlyaccess:

Moderators may want to merge this

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