Steps to reduce large threads

Hi all,

Following discussions with Admins today we understand that very large threads may be contributing to server issues and performance on the Forum.

Accordingly we are going to try monthly Music threads and will close and restart some other monsters.

You can find the April 2021 Music thread here:

This thread is to discuss the changes. Suggestions for very large threads that people frequently use which could be restarted are welcome.


Seems a bit strange if the yearly and the new monthly music threads are both running at the same time as they seem to be at present.

I’d be interested to know if the posting of images affects this. The music threads seem to have lots of image data, compared to many of the other threads.

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The Naim forum using the same software has no problems hosting a large WAYLT thread

@andybob what makes you think this is the issue?


What I know about this could be inscribed on a match head, but here goes.

I understand it’s a combination of the size of threads and the frequency of reads by users. Roon is one of the largest Discourse forums and there are huge numbers of users who read but never post. The Music thread is particularly popular.

It may not be the answer, but we think it’s worth trying. Not being able to shift posts in or out of large threads is very limiting for moderation. The hardware has been upgraded a number of times by Roon, so it’s not the only response.


I understand the desire to try and reduce the load on the servers but I personally think this move will make total nonsense out of this thread [Showing (off) your Roon setup] in particular.
Just my 3 cents…

My specific suggestion: if you REALLY need to reduce thread size, do NOT delete a thread; just split it and indicate, in the title, something like “thread title (split) - 1, 2, 3, etc.”

This way we do not lose content and may always go to where the latest action is.

Hi Andrew,

While I have no problems with rearranging threads I wonder what the science behind the decision is; to “break up” the large (& popular) “What I’m listening to” thread.

I am also a contributor to the Naim Audio community who offer almost identical topics and also use the same (Discord?) community software. Some of the threads are larger & more frequently used than the Roon equivalent and with none of the problems with server loading/page loading issues (incidentally, I haven’t experienced problems for two or three weeks).
Are there actually known server issues or is this a troubleshooting exercise?
The larger annual thread of “music likes” offers, IMHO, better continuity & search options than splitting topics threads into monthly threads.

Just a thought.

After 1.8’s release, traffic went up quite a bit on this site. In fact, we were doing more traffic in a day than we did in all of 2015, our first year.

We’ve upgraded the machines quite a bit, but Discourse is still struggling in some areas. We found our database is spending all its time loading large topics, and it’s an easy and cheap fix to just split up the thousand post topics.

Hi @danny thanks for the heads up, out of interest is there some local configuration option that end users could do to reduce those server demands, for example increasing cache size etc.?

There is not anything as far as I know. I stated that the problem is “in some areas”. Those areas mostly relate to moderation in those very long topics.

Could the youtube clips I frequently link to highlight a favorite track or showcase a live version from the album cause the issues being experienced in the listening to threads?

I don’t think so John. No need to change what you’re doing for the moment. If avoiding videos is likely to make a difference then those with more knowledge about the servers will let us know.

Although ordinary users are not now seeing problems so much (cross fingers) the Mods are having problems shifting posts in or out of large threads. We should know whether splitting up large threads changes that over the next week or so.

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