Stereo Paired Apple Home Pods still not working with latest build

Running a ROCK core on an gen 10 intel i7 and ever since the 1.8 update I can no longer send Airplay to a stereo pair of Apple Home Pods.

I can ungroup them in iOS and then I can play to each one and even group them (but not stereo). The stereo function still works on my Sonos One’s but not my HomePods.

Any help would be appreciated.

A stereo pair needs airplay2 which Roon doesn’t have. The only way currently is to use your Mac/iPad as an endpoint, and it airplaying to the HomePods.

what is strange is that it worked on 1.7 but quit working once I upgraded to 1.8 I can play to all of my homepods without issue and no mac invovled. All of my Homepods are dedicatde end points and act as such. So, it supports the correct airplay it just changed how it handled the IP addresses of the units.whenin a stereo pair.

Hey @Michael_Juday, thanks for reaching out as soon as you discovered this issue! We’re sorry that it took us a while to respond.

If you keep the pair ungrouped in HomeKit, are you able to group the pair in Roon?

These instructions should be helpful in completing this step: How to group zones in Roon

Yes if I ungroup them in Apple HomeKit I can group them I. Roon but they respond as two mono speakers and no longer a stereo pair. My Sonos ones work as a stereo pair without issue.

Thank you @Michael_Juday, for clarifying.

This is expected behavior; when Roon 1.8 was released, Apple also released the audioOS 15 update for HomePod devices. We received reports of issues similar to the one you described in your post.

While we don’t have a timeline on when a solution will be provided, we recommend continuing on with this workaround. I’m sorry that this does not allow for stereo grouping, which is ultimately what you are wanting to complete. :pensive:

You can read more about this known issue here: HomePod Grouping

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