Storage problem

Built a nuc, followed the instructions and it all came out fine till it came time to restore a database. The machine that was retired was mac mini, I backed it up to a usb drive, 4tb drive out of the mac mini, did a quick format on a windows 7 machine and put it in the new box. Tried to do a restore and the 4tb did not show up. Should I have used exfat vs fat ?

Is the 4tb internal to the NUC or external? If internal, do you not need to format it from the ROCK System Status web page before use?

That option never showed up. It’s an internal drive, has an M.2 128GB for rock and 4TB sata SSD for data.

You’re not seeing this?

Definitely not. Where in the settings should i be looking for system status?

Settings, setup, configure Roon OS devices, then click on the IP address.

System Status

Operating System
Version 1.0 (build 158) stable
Running 4 minutes, 17 seconds.
Roon Server Software
RestartToggle Dropdown
Version 1.4 (build 310) stable
Running 0 minutes, 4 seconds.
Roon Database & Settings
100% of 114 GB available.
Internal Music Storage
4000GB, Samsung SSD 850
100% of 3697 GB available.
IP Address Setup
DHCP Static IP
IP Address

I just tried to reformat the internal storage and the message I received” It seems the IP Address of your device has changed so you will need to return to the Roon application to determine the new IP of this device.”

Reboot the Roon core and try again

Operating System?
Roon Database & Settings?

I am still having difficulty. I opened the NUC and connected externally to USB and the drive is recognized. Also reformatted die to EXFAT. Rock for some reason does not recognize Samsung 850. it shows up in Rock configuration, but when you go to storage it’s not coming up.

Hey @arthur_Zaretsky: it seems like there’s two open threads about the same problem.

Let’s keep all information together in one thread: NUC Storage Problems.

I’ve copied over the screenshot in your last post – and @Eric from Roon Support will respond to you there as well. I’ll close this thread here.

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