Strange behavior for the channel balance

I have a puzzling experience to report for Roon.
My setup is Auralic Aries feeding the PS Audio DS DAC via USB (via Regen).
Roon core is running on my NAS.
When playing a redbook track that I know very well, the soundstage is shiftet slightly (but clearly) towards the left channel, but if I use the Auralic Lightning DS control point (and server) the soundstage snap in place like it should sound.
The observation is repeatable for all tracks.

How could this happen?
Is there a setting that could cause this?

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Hi @Frode_Roed ---- Thank you for your feedback and sorry to hear about the trouble. I am certain we can figure out the issue here. I would to gather some more information from you first, concerning your configuration in roon. Please see below. Thanks!

Could you please provide screen shots of the “Audio Tab” found in settings. You can find an example of the exact screen shots needed here.


Hi, Eric.
Here is the Audio tab settings:

Thanks for looking into this. I also have a microRendu I can try.


@Frode_Roed ------- Thank you for the feedback and screenshot. I must apologize as I should have been more specific in my instruction, in regard to the screen grabs I was looking for.

I have provided exact samples below of the tabs I am trying to see in your roon settings. Sorry about that :innocent:

Thank you.
I am now traveling but when returning I will chase this further.
What I can say so far is that the volume control is disabled (it tells you in the Roon GUI if you try to adjust the volume) and the remaining settings have been unaltered (at least intentionally) since standard installation on my NAS.

@Frode_Roed ---- Thank you for the follow up, and your latest findings. Keep me update and when you return we can continue troubleshooting this issue for you. Safe travels!


I am trying to find the displays and settings you advised, however I can’t find it via the Roon Remote app for IOS (this is the only one I am using). Are the referenced displays for Windows or OSX only? Here is what pops up when I push the small cogwheel under Audio setting, amongst other info;

Holiday or out of ideas on this one?

@Eric should be used to notify Eric of your reply.

Thanks. I guess your answer made him aware :slight_smile:

Hi @Frode_Roed – sorry for the slow response here.

We’ve been discussing what could be going on here, and we don’t have a lot of ideas. We don’t have a lot of experience with the Auralic app, but if you are seeing the purple signal path light in Roon, that means that the audio is arriving bit-perfect at the Aries.

Our understanding is that there should be no processing happening in this setup, whether it’s Roon’s data being passed to the DS, or the Lightning app’s.

I’d like to help get this worked out, and we can do some more testing in house, but I would be interested to hear if you’ve received any feedback from Auralic on this, and whether you’ve been able to do any controlled tests or measurements that confirm there is a difference.

It would be very surprising if we’re able to reproduce what you describe, but we will try. If there are any specific settings on the Aries you’re running with, please let us know so we can try to match your setup as closely as possible when we look into this.


What I would suggest is to wait for a week until I receive my Rockna Wavedream transport. I have Roon installed on an SBC onboard this unit. Then I will revert with my impressions, going Wavedream - DAC instead of Aries - DAC.

The balance-skew is not so pronounced (or even existent) with my Rockna. This lead me to believe that it is one of the beta firmwares in my Aries that might have caused it. I have asked the question on another forum, but I do not intend to hold my breath until an answer is received. So all in all I think we can abandon this if I am the only one who rised this kind of issue. I still insist that what I repeatedly heared has substance and not imagined.