Strange playback issue

OK, this has happened often enough for me to report it.

While listening to Tidal, for some reason (most likely internet issue), Roon’s playback will stop. Clicking pause, forward or backward will change the song list accordingly but will not play. Leaving it alone for awhile (no constant time here), Roon will start playing again.

Of course, the quick fix will be restart the RoonServer.

Thanks for reporting it Gary, these intermittent problems are only solved by accumulation of data. It will give @mike and @vova a head start in investigating the issue if you could provide some details as per this post. Hopefully some investigation can fix it and you can get back to uninterrupted listening.

What kind of Internet connection do you have ? Have you found it more likely to occur at any particular time of day ? I’m wondering about caching and bandwidth congestion.

I’m having a 50Mbps fiber-optic broadband connection. However, Tidal is not officially supported in China, hence, may have some intermittent hesitations during playback.

I’m not sure if this will make a difference but it’s something to try. Some routers these days have firmware enabling Quality of Service settings for particular programs. It’s a way of telling the router to prioritise packets associated with those programs. That may be one way to optimise audio packets.