Strange – ROON collapsed after switching the DSP engine [Resolved]

Hi all,

had been very happy with ROON and the new DSP engine.

But after switching off/on the DSP engine wile sistening to the music (to compare with and without) ROON is not working anymore.
I re-installed ROON on my PC (Windows 10) and it looks like this:

Starting a track: Stops after half a second.
Starting a “CD”: Jumping every half second from one track to another till the end.

Any idea?

Sorry for my awful English – I am not a native speaker

Hi @Christoph_Eichenseer ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. In order for me accurately evaluate this behavior you are experiencing, I would like to gather the following information from you:

  1. You mentioned in your report that “Roon is not working anymore” after you had adjusted the DSP settings. Can you provide me some further insight into this observation?
  • Is the application not launching at all?

  • Is it launching and then crashing? Does

  • Are you not able to achieve playback?

  • Are you seeing any error messages?

  1. Can you please provide a bit more information regarding your setup, as seen here?


Hi Eric.
Thank you dir YouTube quick andere.
Ich am in a Business Tour now. So I can Not answer before Wensday.

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Hi Eric,

Auto Corection is awful - see my posting before.
After another de-installation and new installation I see this and everything is working fine!

Thank you again for your fast response!

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