Stream errors using Roon in combination with BlueSound Node 2i and Qobuz

For a few weeks now I have a problem with errors in the streaming using Roon in combination with my BlueSound Node 2i and Qobuz. What happens in a lot of songs is that you can hear cracks mostly in the high frequencies. I have 2 systems in my house with a BlueSound Node 2i, one connected via WiFi and one connected via UTP and both systems have at the same time in the songs a crack (error), so the problem can’t be related to the connection. I also did a test playing the same songs not using Roon, but using the BluOS app with Qobuz and then the problem (cracks) are not created. So my conclusion is that their is a problem in the combination Roon, BlueSound and Qobuz. I made two recordings, so you can hear the problem, but I am not able to upload this files. So if you want to receive them, please let me now how to send them. Hope to hear from you soon, because this is a really frustrating problem.

Hi @Nardo_Lambregts,

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If you try to output to your Core’s “System Output” zone, do you notice any issues occurring there?
What kind of setup do you have, can you please provide Core + Networking details?

Hello Noris,

Thanks for your quick response. I am running my Roon core on a Dell Optiplex 3020 with an Intel i3-4130 CPU @ 3.40GHz, please find the attached screenshots for more detail. Some how today I didn’t had the problem with the streaming errors, although I didn’t change anything in the network or setup. My Windows 10 server is only running the Roon core and I don’t have any speakers attached, so I am not able to select the “System Output”. I have the option when I use the Roon app on the server, but nothing happens. I am using TPlink Gigabit switch’s for the UTP clients and a TPlink Archer C3150 router for the wifi clients. Our internet connection is quite strong here, 250 Mbps download and 25 Mbps upload.

I hope you have enough information.

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Hi @Nardo_Lambregts,

That’s very strange that the issue suddenly went away. Can you please let me know if it returns and if it does, also note the exact local time + date + track that was affected, this will be useful in case we need to look at logs.

Hi Noris,

The issue didn’t occur anymore for the last two weeks now. You can close the issue, when it will happen again I will note the detailed information as listed in your e-mail.

Regards, Nardo

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Hi @Nardo_Lambregts,

Thanks for letting me know the issue is no longer occurring!
If it does re-occur, please do share the timestamp as previously requested, thanks!

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