Stream to JRiver MC24

I wanted to send bitstream from roon on Mac, via RoonBridge on PC, to JRiver MC24 ASIO driver installed on this PC. But what I got was “Transport: Failed to initialize this audio device”. Would you mind to fix it?

Hi @Lonek —— Thanks for report and sharing this observation with us, the insight is very appreciated!

Continuing forward, it’s hard to make promises about this driver since we’ve had problems with it in the past. I can not say for certain if any work will be performed on this but if you can expand on the details of your setup using this link as a guide, I can get the information into a ticket for future tracking.

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• Version of Roon I’m running: latest; 64bit
• Operating system I’m running: core and bridge Win10 64bit; Roon remote: OSX 10.11.6
• Basic information about the devices: MacBook 2009 w 5gb of RAM; DELL laptop w i5; NUC w i7 as Core.
• Describe where your music is stored – streaming from TIDAL
Issue: as above
• Router: Linksys EA9500-EU with latest firmware
• Is there any other networking hardware involved: NO
• everything is wired
Tidal Setup
Hifi (lossless) account
A link to the song(s) you’re trying to play on the Tidal website: every song
All is OK until using JR MC24 ASIO driver

Describe Your Output:
What output are you using: JRiver MC24 ASIO driver
(Why 16ch ? - may be this is a problem)
How is the output configured: screenshots below;
Exclusive Mode
Are you using anything else in your chain: NO

Hey @Lonek — Thanks for all of the additional information here.

I just wanted to let you know that I have created the ticket for the behavior you’re experiencing. I have passed it along to the tech team for further review. As I mentioned above, I can’t say for certain if any work will be performed on this, but your information will most definitely be a huge help. I appreciate you patience and understanding!


OK - Thank you.

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