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A recent favourite of mine was The Sinner (on Netflix): a crime drama series inspired by a novel by Petra Hammesfahr, featuring Bill Pullman. It’s dark, quite depressing at times, but compelling. Definitely worth a watch.

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All seasons or just the first?

I’ve watched all four seasons. The fourth was my favourite, followed by the first. If you enjoy the first season, you’ll enjoy the rest, but if you get too depressed half way through the first, give up - it doesn’t get any more cheerful.

I haven’t seen Season 4 yet.

If you’ve watched the first three I’m sure you’ll enjoy the fourth.

Apparently there’s an eighth season of “Bosch” out, but it’s on Freevee instead of Amazon Prime.

Can that be true? Bosch came to a conclusion, did it not?

There is a Bosch: Legacy

Sorry, following your lead I found Freevee and the first episode of Bosch

Thank you.

Yes, a different series and focus.

The NYT thinks it’s more or less the same show: “In everything but name, it’s an eighth season of “Bosch.” They knew better than to mess with Harry.” And later, “but it’s the same show”.

Is this to make us use IMDb TV.

I wish it were the same show, but it comes across quite differently. J. Edgar is gone. Mattie is front and center. It very much feels that a show that came to an end has been resurrected with less talented writers.

There is a FreeVee app for Roku, and the show is also on Prime on AppleTV

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I will have to have a look.
I enjoyed the early books and the tv series so I might have to check it out

We too enjoyed the books and the 7 seasons. Reminds me of how Justified ended, and now they are bringing that back as well.

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Well thankfully it’s on Prime with adds in the UK.
So I will have to live with the adds :+1:

The Geico ad is good…fast foward the show, watch the ads and the credits.


Reminder: the original series used a real presinct, real cops as extras, had “crate” and “barrel”, had main characters killed, tension between partners…and a great analogue stereo system with a great foundation for those wanting to hear jazz.

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And plenty of vinyl on show :grin:

His system is not plugged in…but those are nice components.

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Just watched the Randy Rhodes tribute movie. I saw him playing with Ozzy on Aug 16 1981 with Def Leppard as the opening act. Was an awesome concert.

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